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Oscar's a genius. After three years at university, he's back in town, convinced he's over his unrequited love for childhood friend, Zane.

Oscar's an idiot. It would take three decades to get over Zane, especially when the boy he once knew has, cough, matured nicely.

And now Zane's there. Everywhere. Inviting Oscar to parties and acting like they were never apart. How is a man--genius or otherwise--meant to keep his feelings under wraps? Oscar never was very smart when it comes to love, or any good at playing it cool.

A 24k standalone friends to lover’s story about two men who really need their heads banging together. Or maybe their lips.

Tammy’s review:

I have mixed emotions about this one…

The writing was good and friends to lovers is my kryptonite but when I got to 70% and they still hadn’t connected, my goodness. The angst, good grief. The story is told from Olivers POV, and I enjoyed his fear and the buildup, but when he finally goes home and sees Zane again, then proceeds to act like a jerk… well, that part I did not enjoy.

I guess the bottom line if the thing keeping the MCs apart is a minor misunderstanding and lack of one conversation to clear everything up, it really irritates me.

I rate this a four because the writing is skilled and you get a good sense of Oliver and the setting, but if angst/slow burn isn’t your thing, maybe skip this one.

Rating: 4 stars

Tammy, Aspen Tree E.A.S.

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