YBBB - My Brother's Best Friend by Spencer Spears

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From the blurb:

What do you do when you recognize someone at a glory hole?
Reeling from a breakup and being cheated on, I’m back on tiny Summersea island, the home I left six years ago. I just want to feel wanted again, and when an internet stranger suggests some delicious, anonymous fun, how can I say no? 

If only I hadn’t just run into Cam Starling, my brother’s best friend and my childhood crush. But Cam is very straight, and very not interested. I need to put him out of my mind and concentrate on the task at hand—or should I say mouth?

Only, there’s something familiar about the guy who just walked in here, and the way he sounds on the other side of the wall.

I knew tonight would be wild, but it’s about to blow both of us away…

Sheena's Review:

I haven't read a lot of Spencer Spears stories, but what I have read I've really enjoyed. This was no different. After finishing this I realised this was set in a pre-existing world the author created but I haven't read those books (yet!) so I enjoyed this as a standalone. Perhaps if I'd read the other books my review might be a little different.

I liked the setting on the island, I mostly liked Jordy (sorry Jordan) and I really liked Cam. I really didn't care for Levi, he was judgy, overbearing and totally unfeeling towards both Jordan and Cam at the start. He probably had the best intentions but oh my god he was total bulldozer and I'd have told him to disappear if it was me.

The very nature of a novella is that the story is sped up somewhat but I didn't feel Jordy and Cam were too rushed getting together. After all Cam had never been with anyone and if he'd jumped straight into it the first night I'm not sure how I'd have felt about that. The tension between Jordy and Cam was great too, both not knowing yet thinking the other didn't have feelings. Even getting together didn't feel all that rushed, but the ending kind of was. Again, probably the nature of a novella having to tie things up quickly, and with the annoying Levi bulldozing in again.

I liked this story enough that I'll look for the others set in Summersea.

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