Review: Blake's return: A gay Mustang Ridge shifter story by Mary Winter

"He and Ken had moved as a team, two souls in tune with each other and what the livestock had needed"

From the Blake's Return Blurb:

What happens if the one who got away, had never left in the first place?

After being fired for his sexuality, Blake Reynolds returns to Mustang Ridge to be closer to his parents. As a mustang shifter, they’d have to accept him, and maybe he could find work with the local veterinary clinic. He’d also have to confront his feelings for Ken Greenwood. In a town as small as Mustang Ridge, could he hope to find acceptance, let alone love?

Ken Greenwood regretted not asking Blake to the prom. He also hadn’t reached out. In the years since he’d become comfortable as a bisexual man, figuring he’d lost his chance at love. When he encounters Blake at the local running grounds, Ken wonders if maybe it’s better their relationship starts now, when both of them know what they want—each other.

Passion runs hot and deep between these two who finally give into their desire for one another. Can Blake overcome the past to give himself fully to the man he’d never stopped loving?

Note: Blake's Return was previously published in a limited anthology

Laora's Review:

Blake's Return is the first mm book in this new series by the author. The author did a great job in giving Blake, a vet and Mustang Shifter, enough back story why he returned to his home ground . He and his high school crush Ken, mechanic and farmer and a Mustang shifter as well, connect when they meet up. I enjoyed the description of Blake and Ken playing around in their horse form. They have a click and hit it off. But Blake has to shake his old demons of being rejected for being gay before they find their hfn/hea.  I recommend this book if you like a story of two men who find the heat and love between them.

Rating: 4 Stars