Giveaway: So Worth More and For All Its Worth Paperbacks!

Jax Stuart is a huge friend of the blog and has been supportive from the very start and today is offering to gift one lucky reader a paperback copy of BOTH So Worth More and the second book in the series, For All It's Worth which comes out February 28th!
So Worth More is Book 1 in the Second Chances series...

You can read more about So Worth More in this teaser excerpt and in our book review.

The e-book of So Worth More is currently on sale for $0.99 (and free to read with your Kindle Unlimited Subscription)

From the blurb:
Andy ends his friends with benefits relationship with his co-worker, Will, when he realizes that while it has plenty of benefits, it's light on the friends. He's sick of Will's rules and poor treatment but agrees to be friends, minus the benefits because he's still hung up on the guy.

Will gets the wake-up call he so desperately needed when Andy ends things and discovers that maybe Andy's feelings aren't one-sided but he's got a lot of healing to do before he can be the man that Andy needs.

So Worth More has some allusions to domestic abuse, mentions of former partners cheating, and a whole heap of family drama. While Andy does deserve better, Will does get there in the end. Told in dual pov with HEA.

For All It's Worth is book 2 in the Second Chances series and releases on February 28th, so if you win, you'll have one of the first paperback copies!

From the blurb:
Charlie needs a second chance at life

Mugged, beaten, and left for dead. Charlie gets the wake-up call that he so desperately needed.

Rehab, a new path, and second chances. As Charlie works to reset his life.

Max has missed Charlie like a piece of himself was lost but hated the destructive path Charlie was on. He cut his best friend out of his life until Charlie changed his ways.

This new Charlie? This one, he wants to take a second chance on. To finally confess what's in his heart.

Friends to lovers, second chances, and family healing. For All It's Worth is the second book in the Second Chances series and features Will's brother Charlie and his best friend Max whom you met in So Worth More. This book can be read as a standalone but may be best enjoyed as part of the series and is told in dual pov.

Content warning for discussions about alcohol dependency and a brief violent scene. The couple also kiss someone outside of their relationship while the other partner is present

You can also check out another exclusive excerpt for For All It's Worth!

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