For All It's Worth by Jax Stuart

Charlie is on the path to self destruction. One night after a night out he is mugged, beaten and left for dead. Could this be his second chance at life?

From the For All It's Worth blurb:

Charlie needs a second chance at life

Mugged, beaten, and left for dead. Charlie gets the wake-up call that he so desperately needed.

Rehab, a new path, and second chances. As Charlie works to reset his life.

Max has missed Charlie like a piece of himself was lost but hated the destructive path Charlie was on. He cut his best friend out of his life until Charlie changed his ways.

This new Charlie? This one, he wants to take a second chance on. To finally confess what's in his heart.

Friends to lovers, second chances, and family healing. For All It's Worth is the second book in the Second Chances series and features Will's brother Charlie and his best friend Max whom you met in So Worth More. This book can be read as a standalone but may be best enjoyed as part of the series and is told in dual pov.

Content warning for discussions about alcohol dependency and a brief violent scene. The couple also kiss someone outside of their relationship while the other partner is present

Amy_tbs' Review:

For All It's Worth was a perfectly executed best friends to lovers, all the characters were dimensional and excellently developed. With each adding to the the story line and the serious topics that took place within it. There were topic's and issues from assault, addiction, alcoholism, sexualities, trauma, PTSD, disabilities, infidelity, toxic and dysfunctional relationships. Charlie and Max faced many obstacles in their path and had many boundaries to set and overcome. Their story was so heartfelt and I was rooting for them all along. 

I loved all the progression made in the book and all the characters. I hope Henry get's his own book I absolutely adore the big guy.

Rating: 5 Stars

KjnRose's Review:

Charlie finds second chance at love and life. Another wonderful book by Jax Stuart, I loved this one even more than the first.  There were great characters with wonderful character buildup.  It was a true second chance story, not just for their relationship, but also for Charlie with his life.  

Rating: 4 Stars

Heather's Review:

Can you be unbiased and love a book when you've got a character modeled after you?  I found out for the first time that the answer is yes...  and yes, Jax took the time to learn about why I'm passionate about LGBTQ2IA+ topics and included that too...

But to focus on the rest of the story and not my 5 minutes of fame, Charlie and Max are an amazing friends to lovers, second chance romance story and Charlie himself is the definition of second chances... with a trigger warning for alcoholism, this book doesn't deep dive into Charlie's recovery, but it does focus enough to give you a good sense of who he is and how he handles the obstacles he has to overcome... and Max has his own demons to face and work through... and they do it beautifully together...

As with the first book in the series, For All It's Worth is well paced, well written and tells such a compelling story that you'll walk away with a book hangover and a cry for Henry's story... and I'm sorry, not sorry for suggesting to Jax that Henry's HEA be the last book in the series... because I'm a masochist apparently...

While reading So Worth More is so worth it, if you don't love the storyline for that one, you can read For All It's Worth as a standalone, but you will not only be missing out on Will and Andy's love story, but you'll also miss the start of Henry's relationship angst... and you'll be curious enough after reading this book to go back...

Rating: 5 Stars

For All It's Worth is currently available in e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription