Until You by Avery Adams

 "What I am going to do? I broke my own rule last night - and with a man. He's going to wake up with certain expectations. What am I supposed to say? " - Lucas


From the Until You blurb:

When my personal assistant gives notice so she can take care of her aging father I think nothing of asking her to hire and train her replacement. After all, she knows me better than anyone and I trust her implicitly. But perhaps I shouldn’t have been so quick to trust. Maybe then I wouldn’t find myself saddled with an unbearably chipper, if mouthy, slip of a man that has to wear heels to fulfill his claim of being five-foot-five-inches tall… a man who can’t brew a decent pot of coffee to save his life… a man who seems to effortlessly get under my skin and push all of my buttons. What was I thinking?

Laora's Review:

Georgie was kicked out of his childhood home at 18 by his dad, for not getting a degree, and moves in with his aunt Pam. Pam trains him up quickly to take over her amazing job as a PA/ secretary to Lucas, a very successful an wealthy young business man.

When on Georgie his first day, he and Lucas pose as fake boyfriends but they find real chemistry. Then Lucas has a problem because he does not date staff and he never was with a man before.

See how Lucas comes to terms with all that and how they find their HEA with a wedding truly fitting them. This was a fun read I loved Georgie his enthusiasm and spirit. I really enjoyed the flow and pacing in this book.

Until You is an age gap, mm gay for you with an 18 year old and a late twenties older character 

Rating: 4 Stars