His Fresh Start Cowboy by A.M. Arthur

 Can you go home again? Hugo Turner plans to find out...

From the His Fresh Start Cowboy blurb:

Two cowboys will have to risk their hearts—again—to find a home on the ranch.

Hugo Turner's boots haven't touched Texas soil in almost a decade, and he's not sure they should now. Being in the state is complicated, but Hugo can't resist going back for a job working with his teenage crush. His best friend's hot older brother is now the ranch's foreman, so he'll be Hugo's boss. Inappropriate? Probably. Will it stop Hugo? Probably not.

Brand Woods isn't ready for the return of Hugo Turner. He decided long ago to keep his bisexuality private and to focus his life on running the ranch. Working next to the most dangerously tempting man he’s ever known stirs up questions Brand thought he'd put to rest.

The sparks that send their hearts galloping lead to a deeper passion than either man expects. But by giving in to the chemistry without taking a risk and committing to each other—or, more importantly, to themselves and living the lives they've always wanted—Brand and Hugo might lose their second chance at true love.

Heather's Review:

Brand & Hugo's story is a take on the best friend's brother trope with a modest age gap and a teenage crush then a ten year separation and it works on the surface, but I found myself wanting more depth from the characters... 

It's a slow burn, as the characters spend large chunks of the first part of the book in angst and avoiding each other... and even some of the second half... the side elements of hurt/comfort and past abuse help to elevate the story and give the characters new things to focus on.

Hugo's character is pretty straightforward - he left town to escape and left loose ends that he wanted to see if he could pick up again... Brand's character is more complex and also more frustrating... which builds tension, but for me sometimes takes a little away from the story... 

His Fresh Start Cowboy will appeal to those who love a slow burn, angsty romance with a fair amount of internal struggle and the boss/employee push and pull... 

Rating: 4 Stars