His Boy To Cuddle by Morticia Knight

"His Boy to Cuddle is part of the Naughty or Nice Season Two multi-author series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but there are so many Daddies looking for some holiday magic to bring them their perfect boys, why not grab them all?"

From the blurb:

Dear Santa,
I just recently moved to Boston and would love to find a sweet, pretty boy to spend the holidays with. I’m a fit, thirty-eight-year-old Daddy who loves to cuddle, pamper and kiss up a storm. Spankings and punishments? Not so much. With that in mind, I’d prefer a nice boy. Naughty in bed? That’s a different story! I’m all about heating up the sheets and keeping my boy satisfied. All Littles are welcome, any age, but if he likes dolls and frilly things—even better. I love me a femme boy who knows what he wants.

I need to be up-front, though, Santa. This is a no strings attached arrangement for the week leading up to Christmas only. A long-term relationship isn’t what I’m searching for right now and be sure to let any potential boys know I’m not a wealthy dude. I can’t shower him with lots of presents but I can sure shower him with tons of affection!

Thanks, big guy. I hope you can fulfill my wish.

From His Boy to Cuddle, you can expect a super shy boy who prefers nighties over PJs, a spectacular vintage Barbie collection, first times, and a muscular, bearded Daddy who can’t keep his hands off the prettiest boy he’s ever seen.

Heather's Review:

His Boy to Cuddle definitely fits the pattern of sweet, romantic holiday Daddy stories - this one is probably one of the sweetest of the season - low angst, low steam with a perfect fit Daddy and Little - no ABDL, but tons of pink, sparkles and cuddles!

This was a super quick read for me and definitely one of the nicest of the Naughty or Nice Season two books.  It has the typical instant connection, but both characters also bring some hesitancy to the relationship.

If you want a sweet, fluffy, low-angst HEA with holiday flair, look no further than His Boy to Cuddle... it's exactly as advertised.

5 Stars

Tammy's Review:

This was a sweet addition to the Naughty or Nice series .

Usually multiauthor books are hit or miss for me so I choose the authors I’m familiar with. I have read Morticia Knight’s books before now but not very often. I may have to rectify that.

The “it’s only going to be a holiday fling” trope is not uncommon. The story may have been a little bit predictable but was still very sweet and I had a hard time putting it down.

Tracy and Jaxon were wonderful together.  I adored Tracy and his insecurities; touch starved characters are my weakness.  I wish we as readers had seen the conflict with Tracy’s parents on page, but for a quick read, the bond between the two MCs was lovely.

Heat: 6/10 (decent amount for such a quick read)

Character development: 6/10 (I got a good feel for Tracy, less so for Jaxon, but both were like able)

Storyline: 8/10 (enjoyable, if a bit predictable at times)

Overall: 8/10 (would recommend)

Rating: 4 Stars


Aspen Tree E.A.S.