Evil Omega by S. Rodman

A sexy villainous Omega meets a hot cinnamon roll Alpha in Evil Omega. This story has action, hurt/comfort, and steamy heat all rolled into one

From the blurb:

Gay. Necromancer. Werewolf. Supervillian. Power bottom.

Silas is all of these and more.

Silas Northstar is an outcast. A wolf shifter without a pack. A hated and feared necromancer, infamous for killing an entire pack. He aspires to become the true supervillain people whisper he is.

He is also an omega. Heat cycles are a fact of life, but he has no problem finding casual fun with humans to satisfy his needs. He can't imagine that ever changing. He doesn't do lonely, and he definitely doesn’t do feelings. He doesn't need an alpha.

Dean Westlake is a happy-go-lucky alpha who is trying his best to settle into his new pack in a new city. The pack's Alpha, George, is an idiot, but Dean is glad to not be alone anymore. Few packs will accept a second alpha, so he knows his choices are limited. He needs to make this work.

The rumors of the city's supervillain sound far-fetched. He's not worried.

Then the Westlake pack captures Silas. That night he goes into heat. Someone has to deal with it.

Dean gets the honor, and the fireworks begin.

The morning light shows Silas has vanished. Everyones says no one can keep Silas Northstar for long.

Dean vows to prove them wrong.

Content Warnings:
This book contains explicit sex scenes between the two main male characters.

Trigger Warnings:
There is reference to past non-consensual sex. A main character overhears non-consensual sex.

Jacquie's Review:

Entertaining and steamy read

Rarely do I sit and just read a book without getting distracted, but that's what happened here.

There's a lot of play on the alpha/omega stereotypes that I loved, with Silas being this scary omega that is basically the boogeyman. Dean was softer for an alpha too and his immediate reaction to Silas is to understand and respect him.

A lot of twists and turns in their relationship but they keep coming back to each other and it was adorable! Their banter was great. Neither ruled over the other, there was give and take.

I enjoyed the side characters too and the ending is so sweet.

The writer's style was engaging and I can see myself picking up more of their work. 

High heat, fast paced, with plenty of action and told predominantly in Dean's POV with the odd shift to Silas.

Rating: 5 Stars

SNik's Review:.

Evil Omega jumps immediately into action with second Alpha Dean unexpectedly taking custody of a prisoner, Omega and feared necromancer Silas. 

The world building and backstory for both characters are revealed over time while Dean and Silas continue to meet under different circumstances, slowly building a relationship. Initially Silas and Dean’s interactions are all steam due to Silas’ omega heat, but Dean sees glimpses of the real person behind the supervillain reputation and his infatuation turns quickly to caring and protectiveness. 

I really enjoyed the idea of a powerful Omega, and Dean’s commitment and acceptance of Silas was sweet. The story was engaging and even though I had some personal hang ups about a couple of instances in the book, overall I was invested in Dean and Silas and their eventual HEA. 

Rating: 5 Stars