Clean Start at Forty-Seven by Nora Phoenix

Nora Phoenix is a tease... I know I've said this about her White House Men series that had a suspense sub-plot, but she took the gloves off with Clean Start at Forty-Seven...

From the Blurb:

I’m done hiding who I am.

Pretending to be straight, to be the loving, devoted husband and successful ER doctor everyone wanted me to be has been exhausting.

I numbed the pain any way I could, and in the end, it cost me everything. My job, my marriage, the relationship with my grown kids.

But now I’m in recovery, and for the first time, I’m living my true life as an out gay man.

I need to get my act together, to get healthy again. Benoni is my new personal trainer…twenty years my junior. He makes my mouth water and certain other body parts react. Oh, and he’s also my son’s best friend.

I’m forty-seven years old. It’s time for a clean start. But where does Benoni fit in?

Clean Start at Forty-Seven is part one of a duology, an emotional MM romance with an age gap, first time gay, loads of hurt/comfort, and the beginnings of a beautiful Daddy/boy relationship. It contains themes of opioid addiction and religious homophobia. Please check the trigger warnings in the front of the book.

Heather's Review:

Having come out as gay, come out of rehab and started on the road to healthier living, Kinsey still has a long way to go to figure out how to overcome years of trauma and religious indoctrination... and Benoni is there for it all, with secrets of his own...

Clean Start at Forty-Seven is the epitome of slow burn, taking us on twists and turns in fits and starts, as takes you on an emotional journey that stops just as you are at the top of the first big hill... and now we wait for the second part of the duology.... I'm not saying I didn't love it... I did, so much that I can't wait for part two!

If you are like me, and hate to wait for a HEA, may I suggest binging both stories on February 13th when New Daddy at Forty-Seven comes out.... here's the blurb and order link for the pre-order:

I’ve never been a Daddy before, but now it’s all I want to be…

I’ve always thought Kinsey was hot AF, but now that I’ve come to know him, he’s so much more than a super sexy silver fox. He’s kind and caring, and so damn courageous.

He’s also vulnerable and needy, and it lights me up like nothing else. I know I’m twenty years younger, but I want to take care of him.

I want to be his protector, his strong man, his knight in shining armor.

I want to be his Daddy…but will he let me?

New Daddy at Forty-Seven is part two of a duology, an emotional and yummy romance with an age gap, loads of hurt/comfort, and a beautiful Daddy/boy relationship that ends with an HEA. It contains themes of addiction and religious homophobia.