Abundantly Attractive: An Opposites Attract Gay Romantic Comedy by Tonwand North

 " I'm not spoiled. And at twenty-two, I'm an independent and self-sustainable man - most of the time. But I'll donate my p***** to science before I show weakness in front of my sister." - Liam

From the Abundantly Attractive Blurb:

How much is love truly worth?

With an empty fridge, and rent to pay, Liam Perry dreams of finding a rich wife so he can lounge at the poolside, sipping cocktails and doing what he’s good at—looking seductive.

But sometimes the most unexpected encounters can change your life forever.

After a chance collision with a handsome vet leaves Liam not totally against the idea of the future Mrs. Perry being a rich Mr. Perry a complication arises when his seductive charms hook the eye of the vet’s boyfriend—bigger fish and wealthy businessman, Lawrence Paul. A dark-haired Casanova who’s keen to woo his pants off with champagne and sweet flattery.

As all of Liam’s dreams seem to be coming true, how can he say no?

Laora's Review:

This is a new to me author and let me tell you, I will keep an eye out for mote books from Tonwand North. Abundantly Attractive was hands down the book that made me laugh and smile the most while reading.

 I love the pacing of the story, it felt I was inside Liam his brain, a jumpy rambling place that never shuts. The book is written from his POV. I love the development of his character throughout without losing his sass and confidence before he finds his hfn/hea. Liam has always been flighty and  never holds down a job; only does one offs with the girls he has quickies with and just wants to be a trophy husband.

"" Am I in the way?”

“No. Stroking your hair is comforting.”

He’s right—my hair has magical qualities."" 

On a night out with his gay cousin Frasier he is interested in a 'blond Viking Matt the vet' , he ends up with him. But Liam is even more interested in Ren, de dark haired devil who was with Matt. Ren has different priorities life, he is  hard and successful.

They meet again and it is lust galore, until they have misunderstandings due to poor communication on both sides.


So Liam has to find a way to get his man Ren back and when he makes plans with Fraser,  be very wary because they attract chaos

I enjoyed the dynamic between Liam, his sister Elizabeth and his cousin Fraser. It had me in stiches.

Of course Liam and Ren have their hfn/hea as do Elizabeth and Fraser. I recommend Abundantly Attractive anytime of year when you need a pick me up.

Rating: 5 Stars