The Daddy Clause by JS Grey

Just when you think you've found another cute Holiday Santa story, you find yourself immersed in The Daddy Clause...

From the blurb:

The only thing that Will Fisher wished for this Christmas was for his son Silas to be happy in their new home.

Being a newly divorced single dad of a six-year-old can be tough enough, but finding yourself back on your home shores for the first time in years is even tougher. Determined to make this Christmas special, Will takes Silas to see Santa in the pop-up Santa's magical kingdom that all of London is raving about.

Will gets more than he bargained for when he comes face-to-face with Niko Calus. Santas are supposed to be fat and jolly right? Why is this muscled mystery man making him so hot under the collar this cold winter season? Especially since Will Fisher is straight.

Niko Calus wants everything Will Fisher has to offer, but there is one problem. Niko has a secret, one that could change the world forever. Caught between his obligations to the family business and the inferno of desire ignited by Will, Niko must make a life-altering decision that had far-reaching consequences.

Can Will find happiness back home? Or will his past come back to make this Christmas not so merry?

Christmas is Coming.

You better watch out!

Red's Book Reads Review:

The Daddy Clause wasn't the Christmas story I thought I was going to be reading but it was so much better! There were just so many elements to this story that I loved and it took such a different turn than I was expecting I loved Will and how he was so dedicated to his son and how he really stood up for him when he needed to. I also loved Nico and his sister and how they were together. It is so hard to write how much I loved this book without giving away too much in spoilers! I will say that there is more to this book than you would expect from reading the blurb and if you are looking for a holiday romance with a twist then this could well be the book for you.

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

I had no idea where The Daddy Clause would go... and honestly I got a little confused as things were laid out in the first few chapters - there is a lot of build up and backstory, but if you're patient in those first few chapters you'll experience Christmas magic - I promise!

The Daddy Clause was everything you want from a Christmas romance - a little angst, a little tension and a magical HEA.  The pacing begins slowly, but it all comes together beautifully.  

Rating: 5 Stars