Reservations By Kindle Alexander

Heather says "Lindz did what I wanted to do, which is start with Reservations before diving into Kindle Alexander's It's Complicated...  I ran out of time to even start and now I feel even worse when I read what she went through to get us her review!  I'd like to welcome the newest member of our team and thank her for persevering":

I had a plan, that plan fell through. Why you might ask? well you see I came down with the dreadful COVID-19 we have all been trying to avoid. So reading that would have normally taken me a day, maybe two at most took me a week. A pounding headache kept me from reading my normal amount, but each day I plugged away a little at a time with this book that truly blew me away. 

From the Blurb:

Winner of the 2018 Book Excellence Awards
Elit Awards LGBT Book of the Year

Wildly successful entrepreneur, Thane Walker is stubbornly set in his ways and adamantly resists the shackles of commitment. He’s seen enough unhappy endings to learn the best way to play is by keeping his men on the payroll.

Levi Silva’s dream of graduating from one of the country’s top medical schools is in his grasp, until news from home changes everything. Now, he’s raising his two teenage brothers and trying to keep everyone’s head above water, emotionally and financially.

When Levi’s new job puts him in Thane’s path, their chemistry explodes, but their fear of being involved in relationships keeps them apart. Unfortunately, despite the intense desire drawing them together, neither man can move forward until they get past their own…Reservations.

Lindz' Review:

From the cover I thought Reservations would mostly be a fun enemies to lovers story, but I was so wrong and it was so much more. These two men and the people in their lives take them on a true journey to finding love. They make real mistakes. They have real setback’s. They grow apart and back together a few times making this story feel like your reading about something a close friend is going through instead of reading a story that has been written to enjoy by many. 

Kindle Alexander is just that talented. Thane Walker and Levi Silva both show us the struggles and joys of having family that can make things complicated at time. The book also shows us that sometimes things are not what they seam. This book takes some major twist and turns making you question if they will ever get their happy ever after together. You will have to read it yourself to find out if that is the case or not. I know you will not be disappointed with Reservations.  

I am on to the next book in the Series that just came out called It’s Complicated. One of the main characters is the club manager you will quickly fall in love with and want to find out more of his past from this book. I look forward to telling you all about my thoughts of it when I am done.

Rating: 5 Stars

Lindz' Bio:

Hello I’m Lindz, I am almost 30, a mom of 3 crazy boys and a husband that still acts like a child. To be honest though I tend to behave like a college frat boy stuck in a women’s body half the time. 

I work full time in health care and have my own graphic design business. I mostly do book graphics and book advertisement graphics. 

Reading is and always has been my way to escape for a few hours a day into a different world or place. I enjoy reading all forms of books and also listening to audiobooks. My favorite genres are MM, MMM, MFM and BDSM. I do enjoy a MF book from time to time. I like reading everything and everything as long as it’s not horror. 

Long story short I was traumatized by a famous author I personally know as a kid and have never been able to read or watch horror movies ever again. I love a book that makes me laugh, feel like I might chuck my book and suspense and sometimes cry, but ya mostly laugh. That’s my college frat boy talk. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you on the books and audiobooks I am blessed to enjoy. 

I'm on Instagram as bookfairyreviewland