Listen to Your Heart (Evergreen Canyon Christmas) by A.D. Ellis

With a grandfather named Nick in a place like Christmas Tree Falls you have to wonder about the magic of Christmas...

From the Blurb:

Ethan Bell fell in love at Christmas Tree Falls ten long years ago. He’s never forgotten that big, cuddly bear of a man and fondly recalls their ski resort romance. Now, he’s miserable in what was supposed to be his dream job and has no clue how to fix his situation. When Ethan gets a mysterious letter requesting his presence at the Falls, he can’t help but wonder if it’s the answer he’s been looking for.

Theodore “Teddy” St. James lost his heart when Ethan walked away all those years ago and it still hurts to think about what might have been. Teddy is happy as a jack-of-all-trades at his family’s ski resort, but something is missing. Finding out Ethan is back in Christmas Tree Falls is all it takes for Teddy’s heart to start getting ideas about a second chance.

Ethan and Teddy are older and wiser this time around, but is it enough? Will the magic of the Falls bring the men back together and give them a Christmas to remember? Or are the obstacles of a decade ago too much to overcome?

**Listen to Your Heart is a steamy, second chance, M/M romance with just enough holiday magic to make you believe.**

Heather's Review:

Listen to Your Heart (Evergreen Canyon Christmas) was exactly as advertised... a steamy, second chance romance with a hint of holiday magic all rolled up in a sweet world created by A.D. Ellis!  I've been hooked on the world building that she creates for a while and the Christmas Tree Falls/Evergreen Canyon area is no different!

The sweet story of Teddy and Ethan being able to rekindle a love that had been iced for 10 years includes just enough angst, drama and emotion to keep the tension going, while steaming up their second chance romance!  

If you're looking to add a rekindled childhood holiday romance to your TBR, I highly recommend you pick this one!  And even if you weren't looking for it, read it anyway!

Rating: 5 Stars