Fairy Daddy; Riding Home, Book 1 by Amy Bellows. Narration by Lance West - Audio Review

The five grand we just blew on this stripper was supposed to fund a full week of fun in Anchorage, but when I saw Trouble waltz onstage in heat and grind in front of a room full of alphas, I was enchanted. I had to meet him. - Revv
From the Fairy Daddy Blurb:

Gray’s stage name is Trouble. He’s earned it.

When he goes onto stage in heat, it’s clear he needs a Daddy. But that’s not all he gets the night he meets an older man with fading blue hair and a leather riding jacket. This Daddy already has a boy, and that boy wants to play with Gray too. In fact, the boy might be even more wild than Gray.

The three men just want to have fun, but somewhere along the way, that fun becomes more complicated. For the first time in Gray’s life, he might be okay with that. Especially when an unexpected surprise changes everything.

Fairy Daddy is the story of three men who find their happily ever after together without needing to tame their wild hearts. It’s set in the same omegaverse as the Heron Manor series, but stands alone.

Laora's Review:

Fairy Daddy an mmm polyamorous shifter romance. With  Gray aka Trouble who sees a Daddy with a boy, Revv, and a daddy who want him to play/ join them. These men are true to each other, but love to love and 'play' around as well.  The different dynamics the three mc's have with each other and together are well written as are the different dynamics in their other relations: long term ones and hookups.  And of course they have their HEA, but not as you might expect.

Fairy Daddy a high heat book and if you are  ready to read or listen to a book about open relationships and very wild men, who all consent; this is for you. 

For me it was interesting to listen to a non standard romance book and broaden my horizon as to what 'counts' as a HEA. I am looking forward to more books in this new series by the author.

The narration by Lance West, was excellent is quickly becoming one of my favorite narrators. I have enjoyed all his work for Amy's books.

Jacquie's Review:

Steamy and sweet poly story with a HFN

This is the first time I've listened to this narrator and I was impressed at the depth of feeling that they managed to put into the reading of the story. Each of the characters were easily defined. They were easy to listen to meaning I could quickly become absorbed in the story.
The story was fast paced and raunchy from the outset. Revv and Chris/Daddy/Sir are both poly and have an open relationship. They each have secondary relationships but this doesn't affect their bond. They are so sweet together. 

It was easy to see the difference in the way they each treated Gray that there was something more there. Gray though, has been hurt and is reluctant to jump into something that big.

As is important in poly relationships, there is a lot of communication, but it was organic here.

They experience a lot of different kinks, D/s, exhibitionism, DP etc and there is on page sex with other partners, not just between the triad.
It was steamy, fun and since it was a HFN, I'm absolutely looking out for the next one"

Rating 5 Stars