Cruise by Miski Harris

Cruise is a book that will come at you from multiple directions and hit you with a HEA... 

From the Blurb:

How do you maintain love in the light after a lifetime in the dark?
40-year-old widow Armando Cruz had spent his entire life in the closet. He’d married his best friend and confidante Marta right out of high school. Every year, Marta sends him on a gay men’s luxury cruise. Ten days living vicariously through men who enjoy what he will never have – the freedom to be who he really is.
Marta has passed away and he’s taking the cruise to fulfill a promise made before her death…what made Marta think this time will be different?
At 31 years of age, Lyndon Douglas has concluded his poor past choices have damned him to be single forever. His mother’s concern that Lyndon’s locked himself in an emotional prison with no escape prompted her to surprise him with an all-expenses paid gay cruise…will the change of scene free him from the shadows?
When Armando and Lyndon meet the attraction is powerful and forms a strong bond between the two men. Is ten days enough time for their bond of light to curse the darkness at home?
If you always do what you’ve always done;
all you get’s what you’ve always got;

Heather's Review:

I loved about 80% of Cruise and I think if the author had focused entirely on the story reflected in the blurb and not introduced Lyndon's ex into the story I would have been singing all the praises...   I love the premise and the way Armando's struggle of having kept his and Marta's secret for twenty years - and the journey towards coming out...   

I love that Lyndon is still thinking about work on his cruise...  I love how they don't just jump right into a steamy shipboard 10 night stand... I love the descriptions of the places they visit and the interactions they have... I also love the Danny subplot...

I honestly don't think the ex needed to be a factor... especially not such a dramatic one... because now I have to say that you'll need to know that this book has trigger warnings for kidnapping and violence that I wasn't expecting from the blurb... and that is why I just wish that Miski Harris had written a different climax and stuck to the main Cruise story...

Rating: 4 Stars