Blog Tour and Reviews: Spiced Kisses by Charlie Novak

Spiced Kisses is holiday romance that works any time for year!  It's sweet and spicy and everything you expect from a Charlie Novak novel...

From the Blurb

One broken collarbone, two stubborn men, three interfering chefs, four weeks to go, five chewed garlands, and The Pear Tree covered in snow…

Ben’s Christmas Plans:

1. Finish the staff schedules, get the orders done, and make sure the next month runs smoothly because December is hell.
2. Break collarbone at rugby.
3. Scrap all plans. Drag Ianto in to help.
4. Avoid staring at the gorgeous Welshman, even if he does look surprisingly hot in a Christmas jumper…
5. Remember how much of a pain Christmas is.

Ianto’s Christmas Plans:

1. Take Ben to hospital after accidentally injuring him, even though it wasn’t my fault.
2. Feel very guilty and offer to help Ben with his epic to-do list since he refuses to take time off.
3. Eat my body weight in Patrick’s mince pies.
4. Learn how to tie ribbon bows that don’t look squashed.
5. Try not to fall for the very grumpy Yorkshireman who hates Christmas.

Spiced Kisses is a 78,000-word contemporary MM Christmas romance featuring a lengthy to-do list, holiday hot chocolate, a workaholic who hates December, a Welsh personal trainer who loves it, some very interfering staff, and a little Christmas magic.

Jackie's Review:

Finally it's Ben's turn for a shot at love. Overworked and lonely, Ben's seen his two best friends find love but doesn't think he has time for it for himself.
Thankfully Aaron disagrees and ropes everyone at The Pear Tree into setting Ben up with his friend Ianto.
I loved the text chats to start every chapter, giving us a hint of what the others were up to without too much information, it kept the pacing steady.
Ben and Ianto were gorgeous together, communicating when things got hard (not without a bit of prompting) and there was a lot of sweetness there.
Although it's set at Christmas it doesn't feel like a traditional holiday book as the theme works any time of year.
I really enjoyed the themes of found family, putting love before work, having balance. An important message really. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

As the conclusion to the Kiss Me series, you couldn't have asked for a better ending for Ben, who I've been rooting for to have his HEA since book one... 
As much as I'd never wish for anyone to get hurt, breaking his collarbone is exactly what Ben needs to be able to open up and lean on someone - and if you've read book 1 and 2, just to stop working and look around a little...
Ianto is a lovely match for him and I love how Charlie develops their friendship before giving them the opportunity to realize they want more... it's a slow build for sure!
I always love the way Charlie Novak world builds and offers us a glimpse at fun and sweet side characters... I'm holding out for Rhys' story in the future though - now that his twin has found his HEA.
I agree with Jacquie that whilst this book is set at Christmas, it really is a book that can easily be read year round!

Rating: 5 Stars

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Author Bio
Charlie lives in England with her husband and a dachshund named Biscuit. She spends most of her days wrangling other people’s words in her day job and then trying to force her own onto the page in the evening.

She loves cute stories with a healthy dollop of fluff, plenty of delicious sex, and happily ever afters — because the world needs more of them. Charlie also believes that love comes in all shapes and sizes.

Charlie has very little spare time, but what she does have she fills with cooking, pole-dancing, reading and ice-hockey. She also thinks that everyone should have at least one favourite dinosaur…