Wed to the Barbarian by Keira Andrews

Politics rule this world and all are just chess pieces on the board...

From the Wed To the Barbarian Blurb;

Will an innocent prince forced into marriage choose passion?

Sheltered in the palace with his books, Jem’s life is peaceful. Even if he’s lonely and yearning for romance, the big, strong men he wants don’t crave small, timid princes.

Then he’s forced to marry a mysterious barbarian.

Jem must do his duty—even if it means being stuck with Cador, a brute who dismisses him as weak. Even if it means a fake marriage in name only for the sake of their homelands. Even if he must leave behind everything and everyone to journey to a forbidding island of ice and stone.

Even if there’s only one bed.

Alone with this wild—yet tender?—man, Jem discovers desire that burns hotter than he ever imagined. Can two strangers learn to trust, or will dangerous lies tear them apart?

Wed To the Barbarian by Keira Andrews is a gay romance fantasy featuring enemies to lovers, an age gap, forced proximity, first times, and of course a happy ending (eventually). This is the first action-adventure romance in the Barbarian Duet and must be read before The Barbarian’s Vow.

Laora's Review

I have read many books by the author but had great difficulty with this one. I read a fair bit of fantasy, but somehow I did not connect with the story and had a fair stops and goes with the book. The world building was okay but I was a bit stumped by the main  characters Jem/Jawon and Cador. I found them both very passive. Later in the book Jem got more likeable to me since he got his act together. Cador however grew a spine right at the end. I am wondering if his character develops more in book two of this story that encompasses two books. I am not keen to acquire the second book. I however am curious how some of the side characters develop further. 

Rating: 3.5 Stars