#TeaserTuesday - The Aliens’ Mate by Delaney Rain

So many of my reviewers have found and love Delaney Rain's fun & quirky romances and beyond telling you about the new release, which I'll get to in a second, I wanted to mention that all of Delaney's work has made the leap to Kindle Unlimited so subscribers can download her work and read it as part of your subscription!!!

Let's check out the details of the 4th book!

The Aliens’ Mate by Delaney Rain

RELEASE DATE: 5 December 2021         KINDLE UNLIMITED: Yes

PREORDER LINK: http://mybook.to/TheAliensMate

TAGS: mmm, interspecies, fated mates, instalove, aliens, scifi, erotic romance, language barrier


Luc Martin was abducted by aliens over a month ago and has been stuck in a cage on a spaceship with three women ever since. On either side of their cell are two alien prisoners who both seem to have a thing to staring at Luc. Oh and everyone’s naked.

Then comes the moment when escape is possible, and Luc makes the decision to free Bolaico and Teranu in the hopes that they know how to do more than he does. And boy do they! A fight through the ship, stealing a shuttle, and crash landing on a strange planet get the group of five away from their abductors…but now what?

Following through on the idea that Luc could be the aliens’ thank you gift for all their help sees him giving into desires up in a tree and in a hot springs pool inside a cave. As time passes, and despite a language barrier with both aliens, Luc discovers he’s begun to care about his aliens. But do they feel the same?

When their captors track them down and force a confrontation that includes the native population on this planet, their futures will be decided by the choices that they make. When Luc’s aliens have the chance to return to their lives, where does he fit in?


Exclusive Excerpt for MM Romance Reviewed

Were there missing persons flyers for him now? Because when the aliens had shoved him into a jail cell on their spaceship with three women, Luc had recognized them from the flyers he’d seen around town. Obviously, recognizing them after being abducted with them wasn’t what their families had had in mind when they’d hung their photos all over the place, but he didn’t have any family. Would anyone ask others if they’d seen him?

His co-workers at the coffee shop would ask where the hell he was when he didn’t come in for his shift. But he doubted any of them would look into what had happened to him. His boss would just fire him and replace him. After about a month, his landlord would probably sell off all of his stuff.

“How long have I been here do you think?” he asked his fellow abductees.

“God, Lucius, why does it matter?” Ariel said as she rearranged her long, red hair over her bare breasts yet again. She was under the impression that keeping her nipples partially concealed would prevent Luc from assaulting her. He refused to try and explain what being gay meant again.

Not bothering to answer Ariel, Luc looked to Zenobia. While little, blond Farrah hadn’t said two words to him, Zen had been here the longest and had theories about all kinds of things. “What do you think?” he asked her.

“I’ve been measuring time based on how often we sleep.”

She twisted around, not caring at all that her breasts brushed his arm. He moved to look with her and realized she’d been scratching tiny marks into the dark brown metal. When she did it, he had no idea. And he hadn’t noticed her orderly lines because the whole room looked like someone with claws had lost their shit in here.

“It’s been pretty accurate since the time of day you were all taken matched up with when I thought it was day or night,” she continued. “Since they never turn the lights down or out to indicate night, but we keep getting tired and wanting to sleep, it seemed like the best way to measure the passage of time.”

“That’s brilliant. What are the horizontal lines?” He pointed at the last one.

“That’s when you got here.” She pointed to the other lines. “That’s Farrah, Ariel, and me.”

Maybe he shouldn’t have asked because now he could see that it had been twenty-four days since he’d been taken. All of those things he’d thought might happen if he didn’t come home had probably already happened. Not that he had really believed he would go home again, but seeing forty-two lines for Zenobia made the permanence of his situation a lot more real.

None of them were ever going home.

Zenobia leaned in and hugged him, and he wrapped his arms around her back. She was the only one who ever touched him, and he’d become acutely aware of that and grateful she did it. As he sighed against her warm, brown skin and closed his eyes when her fluffy, black curls covered his face, he realized the little things were what he relied on now. It wasn’t like he’d spent a lot of time hugging people back home, but he treasured the physical contact now.

A low rumble sounded behind him just before Zen chuckled and let him go. “Your boyfriend’s getting jealous again.”

He rolled his eyes and did not look over there. “Maybe it’s you he wants.”

“I’m not the one who bent over and got whistled at.”

A blush lit his face as he snickered at the memory. Sometimes they got a strange round fruit-like thing with their meals and one had rolled away. He’d bent over to grab it before it could hit the electrified forcefield that enhanced their cage only to hear a trilling sort of sound from one of the aliens.

It was sort of flattering, honestly, that he could be a temptation to a male that wasn’t even of his species. Especially since he was hairy, filthy, and smelled. And Luc knew it was sexual attraction since the dude with gray and pink, leathery skin had a wide, segmented penis that liked to plump up whenever he stared at Luc for a while. The alien had a pretty stoic face, but every now and then he could look incredibly fierce, like a warrior who knew how to slit a throat. One milky eye and a notch missing from his upper lip added to the possibility this guy had some experience fighting.

The other alien in here with them—though also separated by the bars and forcefield—had purple skin, a long neck, two sets of arms, and four cobalt blue eyes. Though he also had a penis, Luc hadn’t noticed any activity down there that he might be responsible for. That alien did a lot of staring, especially when Luc and the girls were talking, but he didn’t interact with them or the gray guy. He gave off a more academic vibe, like he was studying them, learning about them.

One alien was a warrior and the other a scholar.

Luc was curious about both of these guys, he could admit that, but a very clear language barrier, the total lack of privacy, and being in a cage made resisting any temptation very easy. And he tried not to take offense that he was the only male who wasn’t chained by his ankle to the wall and separated from everyone else. He could be dangerous. If he wanted to be.

He was mostly amazed that he knew of three different types of aliens since his abduction. The ones who’d caught him walking home after midnight were like anthropomorphic lizards, geckos maybe. Weirdly enough he felt like the aliens trapped in here with him were more humanoid than the lizards, especially since those tended to lick their own eyeballs from time to time. Silently staring or getting a boner seemed way more human to him, which was—

Boom! Luc gasped at a sudden, concussive sound. He felt more than heard it and looked around for something that would indicate what had happened. Both alien guys were on their feet, and Luc was getting up when another huge bang nearly knocked him down. It felt like an earthquake. But they were on a ship in space and not— “Are we under attack?” he asked in horror.

Right then a sharp, high-pitched noise sounded and the lighting went from white to red. That couldn’t possibly be good. Everyone was on their feet now, asking questions no one could answer. When the forcefield crackled and flickered, momentarily exposing the bars of their cell, Zenobia hollered for them to shut up.

“When the forcefield fails,” she said, “you get out fast. Hear me?”

“Get out?” Ariel asked.

“The bars are far enough apart to get through them. Don’t hesitate. It might be our only chance to do this.”

“Our chance to do what?”

Luc turned his back on Ariel. While he would help her, he was going to save himself first. Like in a plane crash, he was supposed to put his own oxygen mask on first, right? So he’d get his skinny ass through the bars, and then he’d reach back for whoever was still inside.

A moment later, and the ship bucked so hard that Luc left the floor. But then he didn’t come back down. They’d lost gravity! He was about a foot off the floor, a sick feeling in his stomach that got worse when he looked up as he remembered that there was a forcefield across the ceiling too.

He hollered when someone grabbed his thigh, but it was Zenobia. “Press your back to the wall,” she said, looking like a frog as she spread her hands against the metal. “Stick to it and you’ll stop going up.”

Farrah was still down by the floor, her fingers curled around the grate that covered the drain. Though all kinds of awful waste was rising up from there, she didn’t let go, just turned her face away, eyes and mouth closed. With her other hand, she held Ariel’s ankle as the redhead hung suspended in the air and screamed her damn head off.

With about two feet remaining before the ceiling forcefield burned him, Luc managed to wedge his fingers into a vent and stop himself. His legs wanted to float out behind him, but he brought them in and curled them against the wall. Zenobia bumped his shin and seemed to panic, rising up, so he stuck his leg out and pinned her to the wall.

“Okay?” he asked.

Her voice was shaky as she said, “Yeah. You?”

“Yeah.” He looked farther down and offered what he could. “You’re amazing, Farrah!”

He saw her nod her head, her arm covered with shit dripping upward. Ariel was frantically trying to get away from the drops, making it harder for Farrah to hold onto her, but she didn’t let go.

Growling noises had Luc looking over at the warrior who was honest to god floating in the middle of his cell with his arms crossed, the chain around his ankle keeping him centered. On the other side, the scholar was doubled over, holding onto his knees because it was possible his chain would’ve let his head hit the forcefield at the ceiling.

With a grunt, Luc suddenly hit the floor, pain radiating from his knees and Zenobia getting smacked down by his upper body. “I’m so sorry,” he said as he tried to help her up.

“Run!” she screamed, grabbing his wrist and scrambling for the bars.

The forcefield was gone.

He slipped in shit and hit his head on a bar, but he didn’t stop until he was on the other side of them. Farrah sprinted through right after him, half of her body a mess of brown, but Ariel was still inside and screaming about the crap all over her.

“Ariel! Get out here!” Luc reached in to grab her, but she stumbled away from his dirty hand. “Ariel, now!”

The sound of the door opening had Luc turning with a gasp, but no one came inside. He realized Zenobia had gotten the panel beside the door open and was tearing out wires. The barred doors on all of their cells opened next.

Their doors opened too, but the aliens were still chained to the walls. Luc looked around, but there wasn’t a key ring hanging from a peg or anything else that might be how to free them.

“Luc, come on!”

When he looked over, Zenobia was in the doorway, her back to the hall and waving for him to follow her.

“Zen! Look out!”

Luc pointed at the guard suddenly behind her, but it was too late. The guard bared a row of tiny teeth and grabbed her into a headlock. She screamed, and Luc didn’t think at all, just lunged forward, grabbing her arm to pull her free even as he punched the guard’s ribs. They let her go with a grunt, and she scrambled away, but Luc couldn’t stop. The last time Zenobia had tried to escape, a guard had beaten her, so Luc couldn’t let this guard hurt any of them. Not now, when they might really have a chance to finally escape.

He punched again, blindly striking out because he had no idea how to fight, but he caught the guard under their chin. They made a sharp noise and flailed as they fell backward, smacking their head on the floor in front of the cells, stunning them for a moment.

Which was when Farrah attacked. Luc jerked back in alarm as the five-foot-nothing girl used one foot to stomp on the guard’s head over and over again as she screamed louder than Ariel was. Only when the guard’s head was a pulpy mess did Luc snap out of it and haul Farrah away.

“It’s okay,” he said, hugging her to his chest as she sobbed. “You did it. They’re dead. It’s okay now.”

“You’re a fucking badass, Farrah,” Zenobia said as she rifled through the dead guard’s clothes.

Farrah was gulping breaths and shaking, but when Luc loosened his hold on her, she dropped down and drew a dagger from the guard’s belt. Stomping across the room, she faced the door like she was ready to go again even as she wiped tears from her eyes with her free hand.

He’d thought Zenobia was fierce…

Ariel finally quieted down as Luc stooped and joined Zenobia in searching the guard. She’d already found another dagger, something that might be a taser, and a few foil wrapped squares that made him think of candy. He went after the snaps and buckles holding the guard’s clothes on him, suddenly excited to possibly have something to wear again.


He looked up, startled, because that was the scholar alien saying his name. He pointed one long, purple finger at the guard and said, “There. There.”

Luc looked automatically and saw several bronze-colored sticks on a thin chain that looped around the belt holding the daggers. Each stick had round indents along its length, which made him think these were keys. Every time they had gotten fed, the guards had used the panel Zenobia had destroyed to open a small hatch at the bottom of the cell door, so he’d never seen what their keys looked like before. He held them up to the scholar.

“Luc! Yes,” he said and waved him over.

But Zenobia grabbed his wrist. “We can’t let them out,” she said like he was nuts.

“Why not?”

“Are you kidding? They’re aliens!”

“They’re prisoners, just like us.” He shook her off and took the keys off of their little chain. “We can’t just leave them chained to the walls.”

“What if they attack?” Ariel finally contributed as she stood there cupping her breasts with her hands, apparently unaware that there was shit in her hair but still concerned about her nakedness.

“We’re the ones who just murdered someone,” he said as he walked over to the scholar. “They’re probably more afraid of us than we are of them.”

Zenobia groaned. “They’re not spiders, Luc.”

He didn’t care. He couldn’t just leave them here. Or couldn’t leave them chained at least. After they got out, if they wanted to do something he and the girls didn’t, then they could go ahead and be on their own. But he wasn’t going to leave either of them to possibly die.

“Besides,” he said, “which one of you knows how to fly a spaceship?”

No one had an answer for that one.

“Luc. Good. Yes,” the scholar said as he walked closer.

“You really have been studying us, huh?” Luc walked through his open cell door and handed over the keys.

He took them with a nod and held them to his chest as he said, “Teranu.”

“You’re welcome.”

He shook his head. “Luc,” he said with a touch to Luc’s chest. “Teranu,” he said and touched his own chest again.

“Oh, it’s your name. Teranu. Hi.”

For the first time, Luc saw Teranu smile, revealing rows of short, pointy teeth. They were about the most dangerous-looking part of him, and Luc’s first thought was that Teranu probably wasn’t a vegetarian with teeth like that. He stepped back as Teranu stooped to unlock his ankle chain.

Across the room, the warrior alien was still standing there with his arms crossed and glaring. Luc was a little nervous about releasing him. He never seemed all that calm normally, but he was definitely pissed off now. At the situation, or at Luc? Or all of them? Maybe this was just how he was before a battle.

Teranu gave the keys back to him, singling out one of them, and pointed to the other alien. “Bolaico,” he said with a nod.

Luc took the keys and followed Teranu out of his cell. Pausing, Luc watched Zenobia and Ariel get out of Teranu’s way as he approached the dead guard. Rather than search the body, Teranu started undressing it. Maybe he wasn’t happy about being naked either.

With a deep breath, Luc approached the warrior. He stopped just inside the open door and tapped his chest. “Luc.”

He mimicked him and said, “Bolaico Nired.”

“Oh, so that was your name. Okay.”

Luc showed Bolaico the keys, intending to hand them over. Bolaico didn’t take them and stuck out his foot toward Luc instead. It took him a moment to realize Bolaico was waiting for Luc to stoop down and release the lock for him. And for some reason, Luc did exactly that before he really thought about the fact that he was doing it. Only when Bolaico combed his fingers through Luc’s hair did he look up, see the fat cock inches from his face, and jerk upright to find a smirk on the alien’s lips.

“Seriously?” Luc snapped, frowning at him. “I’m trying to help, you perv.”

Teranu said something that had Bolaico grumble and wave him off like he was telling Teranu to mind his own business. So it was possible Teranu had recognized Bolaico’s pervy behavior too. Great.

Leaving Bolaico to finish getting himself free, Luc walked out and back over to Zenobia. “Told you,” she said with a twinkle in her dark brown eyes.

“So not the time.” When she handed him the guard’s black boots, he hesitated to take them. “They’ll never fit. My legs don’t bend backward like that and the foot area is round.”

“Something’s better than nothing, isn’t it?” She stood up and put on a sort of mesh and leather vest that came to the top of her thighs. It wasn’t exactly concealing, but if she felt better with it on, he didn’t care if she looked like an extra in a post-apocalyptic BDSM movie.

Zenobia then took a dark green thing that looked like a tube top over to Farrah. The poor girl was still standing in the doorway with her big dagger clutched in her fist. He had so underestimated her. Luc actually watched Farrah twitching like her muscles couldn’t relax as Zen took the dagger from her and gave her the top. Farrah was little enough that she had a dress on now that actually made her look pretty decent. Except for the streaks of poo down her arm anyway.

“Luc,” Teranu said and gestured at the boots. “Yes.”

Fine, he’d put the weird boots on. They were stretchy and had a thick sole, giving him a bit of protection. He wasn’t thrilled about putting his dirty feet in them, but whatever. When he had them both on and stood up straight, he gasped as they sort of self-adjusted. They literally molded to the size and shape of his feet and legs, from his toes to just above his knees. “Holy shit,” he said, “look at that!”

Teranu made a grunting sort of noise and the expression on his face was definitely one of amusement. Luc shared a smile with him, liking him more and more, and readily accepted the item of clothing Teranu handed him. Which turned out to be a pair of shorts. A small, black pair of shorts. When he looked back at Teranu to see him cutting the crotch out of a pair of pants, and then down to the now-naked guard, Luc realized he held underwear. He cringed and groaned, but put them on anyway.

Wearing a dead alien’s underwear was better than running around with his junk flapping in the breeze. And now he looked like a go-go boy in booty shorts and thigh-high boots.

“Oh, hey there,” he said as he discovered a slim blade snapped to the side of his boot.

Bolaico immediately snatched the knife right out of Luc’s hand.

Thank you again Delaney for sharing this amazing excerpt!  I can't believe you left us on a cliffhanger like that... Once again you can pre-order The Aliens' Mate now or add it to your Kindle Unlimited TBR on December 3rd!