Structural Integrity by Tabitha O'Connell

Structural Integrity is a sweet book with their unassuming charm which hooks you in quietly and latches on enveloping you in this little morsel.


Messenger boy Kel never expected to strike up a romance with a government official. But Yaan lacks the self-important snobbery of the others, seeing Kel as more than just a pretty face. Living with him in the city’s plush government complex is everything Kel could want: no more expenses, kitchen workers and resident animals to befriend, and of course seeing Yaan every day. Even if Yaan does spend most of his time working or worrying about work, and seems to have forgotten that they used to have actual conversations…

When the city decides to tear down the iconic theater building in Kel’s old neighborhood, Yaan’s indifference toward his pleas to help save it forces Kel to confront his growing unhappiness. In the aftermath, both will have to decide whether their relationship is salvageable.

12,500 words. Content warnings: Sexual situations (non-explicit), disordered eating, alcohol consumption, classism, anxiety

CrazyPinkIrish's Review:

Structural Integrity is a short but sweet story with a dash of innocence and a bit of heat. Both men have unique qualities about them with some sassiness thrown into the mix and a certain longing to be cared for keeps it interesting. This reads more like a taster to the author and possibly what could be the start to a new series ( wishful thinking).