My (Not So) Grumpy Professor by D K Sutton

My (Not So) Grumpy Professor in the second book in the series but like the first, can be read as a stand-alone. It features a grumpy professor with a bit of a temper and a flirty TA with a secret.

From the Blurb:

SO: Ways to tame a grumpy professor who likes to throw things, growls commands, and is a decade older. Oh, and he’s also the boss. Asking for a friend.

Professor Gabriel Morgan is in southern Missouri for one reason: to repair his relationship with his brother. It is definitely not to make friends or coddle the teaching assistants the university throws at him. Benjamin Carter is young, barely competent, and more trouble than he’s worth. He’s also fun and charming and stunningly beautiful.

Gabriel’s goal of getting Benji to quit isn’t as easy as he expects. Instead of cowering, Benji either tells Gabriel exactly what he thinks or, worse still, flirts outrageously. It’s maddening and so very tempting.

Benji has no desire to be Professor Morgan’s latest failed TA, but grumpy older men are his weakness. And beneath that gruff exterior, Professor Morgan is sweet and good and so very passionate. Benji doesn’t do relationships; he has too much to lose. But for Gabriel he might just take that chance.

They’re both holding on to their secrets—Benji’s present and Gabriel’s past. But these things have a way of coming out. Is this thing between them real? And are they willing to risk everything to find out?

My (Not So) Grumpy Professor is a 75,000+ MM contemporary romance. It is the second book in the (Not So) University series but can be read as a standalone. It features a grumpy bear professor, a cinnamon roll TA, meddling best friends, an antique desk that is very sturdy indeed, mending brotherly bonds, brutal tequila nights, a schedule loving roommate—seriously, Atticus needs to calm the F down—did I mention meddling best friends? And Gem and Sadie, two unimpressed goldfish swimming around and minding their own business.

Red's Book Reads Review

I really loved My (Not So) Grumpy Professor! I loved how Benji was so relentlessly cheerful towards Gabriel and also how real he was when it came to hiding his secrets. Gabriel is such a grump but I loved how he had changed everything to try and rekindle his relationship with his brother (Reid from Book one in the series). The whole book just caught me and I loved it from start to finish

Rating: 4.5 Stars