More Than Enough by B. Harmony

B. Harmony writes with love and it shows in her characters.  In More Than Enough we meet Eric and Sawyer, both wounded in different ways and both searching for a forever partner...

From the Blurb:

Can one vulnerable heart heal another?

Cresting the hill of middle-age, I find myself single. Again.
I think it’s time I give up being little and the hope of finding my one true Daddy.
A final hurrah at the local club, fulfilling a promise to my friend, and then I’ll move on with my life.
Locking eyes with the handsome man across the room sends my head spinning.
Is it possible my dream Daddy is real after all?

A life-changing injury marks the end of my military career.
I never expected it would also send littles running scared.
Looks like my time as a Daddy might be over.
Being dragged to the local club only reminds me of the past and a future I may never have.
Until I see a little who challenges everything I know.
He’s adorable, but can he accept me as I am and look past what’s missing?

More Than Enough is an MM age-play romance featuring an older little and a younger Daddy. Together, they navigate the pain of inadequacy and discover the strength of love.

Heather's Review:

First off, I love a good daddy romance where the age gap is reversed and B. Harmony does this incredibly well - even if the age gap isn't staggering, the older boy/younger daddy dynamic plays out well, especially with both characters having a certain amount of insecurity. 

I like the easy transition between little and adult for Eric - it flows with the pattern he's lived with and the whole book, while sweet and fun tips towards realistic in so many ways, making it a truly enjoyable read.

There are a few questions left unanswered... I think we need to know that Codfish and Adam get their HEA's and that Brad gets his comeuppance... so I'm hoping that we'll get to see more of Eric and Sawyer when their BFFL's find love too!

Rating: 5 Stars