Davey's Christmas Miracle by Rhys Everly

Today was the first real day of autumn for us this year... and I sat on the porch in my sweater reading Davey's Christmas Miracle by Rhys Everly!    If you need more than my recommendation, you can also check out the exclusive excerpt that was shared here

From the blurb:

Davey hates Christmas with a passion.

He’s got good reason too.

Everything awful that has happened to him has happened during the most “wonderful” time of the year.

That’s why when he meets a guy who’s seemingly perfect in every way, he doesn’t believe it will lead to anything good, or long-term.

But maybe, just maybe, this year, Davey will get his happily ever after after all.

Davey’s Christmas Miracle is an insta-love holiday novella, inspired by the author’s real-life meet-cute.

*Previously published as Jingle Spell by Chris Ethan.

Heather's Review;

Davey's Christmas Miracle is a sweet, holiday novella, perfect for curling up in your favourite chair with a hot beverage and a fluffy blanket and enjoying in an afternoon... It's an insta-love with just a hint of angst and features the story from Davey's perspective... 

I would have liked to see just a little larger glimpse into what Avery was thinking about, particularly in the later third of Davey's Christmas Miracle, but all in all it was a quick, fun read that will put a smile on even the biggest grinch's face.