10 Things about... Beck Grey - An Author Interview

I am excited to learn more about new author Beck Grey, whose first book Save Me was one I thoroughly enjoyed and reviewed here.  I can't wait for the next book in the series!  Let's jump right into the questions, shall we?

Indie or Traditionally published? - Tell us how this works for you…
I’m indie-published and love it.  Yes, it’s a TON of work, and yes I’d much rather be writing, but the control I have as an Indie author more than makes up for the non-writing work, IMO.

Plot or Pants?  Do you pre-plot your books, use an outline, fly by the seat of your pants, or some combination of things?  How do you keep track of characters in a series?  Do you keep a journal of your character’s statistics, such as hair and eye color, relatives, hometown, etc?
I’m a Plantser?  I plot a general arc:  What is the trope?  How do they meet?  What is the main conflict?  Are there other side conflicts?  How is the conflict resolved?  What is the HEA?  The rest is usually written by the seat of my pants.

Tell us about your first… published gay fiction/romance 
My first (and so far only) published book is Save Me, the story of Jamie MacDougall, a Deputy Marshal who protects witnesses in high-profile trials, and Ashley Panday, a Biochemist turned whistleblower, who discovers his company is skirting U.S. laws on new drug testing.  It’s a gay romance with a bit of suspense, slight angst and a happily-ever-after ending.

Do you write full-time or part-time?  
Currently, I write part-time so I can pay the bills.

Which character still pops into your mind to visit from time to time?
Jules Evans.  You guys haven’t met him yet, but you will in my next book, as a side character.  Jules gets his own story in Book 3.

What are your writing goals for the next year?  The future?
My writing goals for the next year are to complete and publish at least the next two books in the Love in the Pacific Northwest series:  Embrace me and Guide Me.  It’s a six-book series comprised of slightly connected books that can easily be read as standalones.  My long-term goal is to keep writing and publishing and making myself and other people happy with my books.

Who’s your biggest supporter/cheerleader?
I am lucky enough to have two!  D.J. Gainer and Danny Darke.  I wouldn’t have written or published Save Me without them.  Both are fellow authors and write LGBTQ Paranormal stories, and they will be releasing books soon so keep an eye on them!  

What do your friends and family think of what you write; do they know?
My family knows and is supportive to varying degrees.  My found family are all LGBTQ writers and support me and cheer me on 100%.  I couldn’t have done this without them!

What is your favorite thing about writing gay romance?
I see myself in my books.  I get to write happily-ever-afters for LGBTQ people, which is not something we often see in mainstream media.  LGBTQ fiction isn’t bogged down by the M/F stereotypes and all the baggage that accompanies it.  My favorite thing about it, though, is that it brings me joy.

How can we connect with you?
I have a Facebook Group: Beck’s Blanket Fort
You can also find me here:
Twitter:  @BeckGreyWrites 
Website: www.beckgrey.com 

Thank you for stopping by, Beck!   If you have more questions for Beck, please comment below or join them in their Facebook group and ask away!

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