Unforgettable by Marley Valentine

I had some time mid-week to read something from my personal TBR and I finally indulged and read a book that's been waiting about a month!  Unforgettable by Marley Valentine is the 16th book in the Vino & Veritas Series.  I accidently skipped a few books, so this one is read out of order, but honestly because V & V is a multi-author series, you can read each book as standalone and you'll be fine.

From the Author:

One night with Reeve Hale wasn’t enough. I knew it when I kissed him, I knew it when I slept with him, and I was certain of it when I walked out of his motel room the very next day.

So when the shy, gorgeous man is introduced as our newest employee at Vino and Veritas, I can’t help but conjure up all the ridiculous ways to convince him to repeat that unforgettable night. Like asking him to be my fake boyfriend at my sister’s upcoming wedding.

Only, I didn’t expect him to say yes.

Playing pretend shouldn’t feel this real. Especially when Reeve is planning on leaving Vermont after the summer.

We agreed to one night. We negotiated a fake relationship. But I’m the one who broke our terms. I wasn’t supposed to fall in love and he was never supposed to be so unforgettable.

Heather's Review:

I love the hook-up to friends to lovers trope.  I've been seeing it quite a bit the past few weeks and done well, it really hits the mark for me.  You get the hot and steamy sex out of the way and can then focus on the friendship/budding relationship.  Unforgettable was done VERY well!

Reeve is that perfect blend of shy and submissive that I love and Oz is a total top, observant and aware in relation to sex, but still young and impressionable.  Both men are fighting their instincts and external expectations and that brings them through the twisting path of their relationship.  From beginning to end, the writing in this book was exceptional, and with the whole series, the seamless blending into a world that has seen 16 novels set in it is amazing.  If you haven't read anything in the Vino and Veritas world, you really can start anywhere, but the first few books do lay down the groundwork for recurring side characters.  This book references the side characters well and you get a little bit of warm and fuzzy when you see the names, but they are not central to the plot and if you just want a good story with a take charge guy and more submissive hook up, you'll be just fine reading Unforgettable on it's own.