#TeaserTuesday - Rings of Lust by Finn Dixon

It's another amazing Teaser Tuesday and we have an exclusive excerpt from Rings of Lust by Finn Dixon, which releases Thursday!!!

About the Book:

My parents had warned me a relationship would be a disaster for my gymnastics career, threatening to pull their financial support. So, I floated from one guy to the next for years.  

And now, at the biggest event of my life, I found myself lonely and wanting more. And the one guy I wanted it with was Cam.

He went to the same college. He was on the same team. Just not my team.

Ugh...I had a crush on a straight guy.

''Maybe you just need to get laid?"" my teammate had suggested.

Here I was, my first Olympics and all I could think about was sex. My first and only time was terrible to say the least and I was hesitant to try again.  Hell, I wasn't even out of the closet either.

But the Olympic Village was pretty much a buffet of abs and glutes, and it was athletes only. Coach did tell us to loosen up. Maybe it was time to do just that...but like, naked and with another guy.

I can totally do this casual anonymous thing, right?

Rings of Lust is a full-length MM novel, the first in a trilogy, that has a cliffhanger ending and an eventual HEA, just not in this book.  Be prepared for third wheel sarcasm, platypus babies, rippling Olympian muscle, and teenage sexual escapades just behind the scenes at the world’s biggest athletic event.

The Exceprt:
"The therapists started leading the coaches away. I saw Adam approach Luke and say, “You’re with me, Lucas. This way.”
I felt the growl in my throat before I knew I was doing it.
“Easy, killer,” Tyler said into my ear. “It’s just a massage.”
“Right. And that’s just a swimsuit,” I said, pointing to Tyler’s white briefs.
“Hey, Camden.” I refocused my eyes...on Peter. “You’re stuck with me, kid.”
“Oh, okay.”
“Have fun, Cam,” Tyler sing-songed, as Peter led me away.
As we made our way to the spa rooms, Peter asked, “So, are there any specific areas you want me to focus on or avoid? I ran track and field in college and minored in sports medicine, so I’m aware of all the muscle groups if you want to get scientific.”
“Uh...I’ve had massages before, but they’ve been mostly therapeutic. I’m actually thinking of pursuing physical therapy in school myself. But I don’t have any sore spots right now. So I guess, all over?”
“No worries. Sounds good. You can take your clothes off-”
“All of them?” I interrupted.
He smiled. “Whatever you’re comfortable with. You can be completely naked, or if you want to leave your jocks on, that’s up to you. Please lay on the table, under the sheet, face down to start.”
“My jocks?”
“Ah, sorry. Your briefs, your underwear.”
“Oh...okay, thanks.” I gulped as he left me alone in the room.
I was still trying to get Adam touching Luke out of my head. I had nothing to hide, especially about my body, so I stripped, tossed my clothes on a chair, and lay under the sheet.
He knocked a few seconds later, and I told him to come in. He adjusted the sheet, put some natural sounds on the portable music player, and said, “Let me know if I need to change the pressure or if you don’t want me massaging a certain area. This is all about what you want and your relaxation, Camden.”
“Okay,” I said, voice muffled by the headrest. And I forgot about Luke after that because Peter’s hands were magical. Why haven’t I done this before? I had massages, but like I said, they were all about stretching and trying to prevent potential injuries, and usually done by one of the assistant coaches. Nothing like this.
I got lost in Peter’s touch. I hadn’t felt like this since...since...Luke touched me last night. Stop thinking about Luke.
“Alright, you can turn over for me.” Fuck.
I turned over and hoped he wouldn’t notice my erection through the sheet. I tried to explain, “So...it turns out my mind wandered and I started thinking about-”
“Easy, Camden. Just lie back. It’s nothing to worry about. I’ve seen it before.”
“You’ve seen my dick?” I asked in shock.
“Good Lord, no. Jesus. I’ve seen guys get turned on before.”
“Oh.” I had to laugh.
He went on, “Sometimes it can be sexual, but most of the time, it’s a reflex because of the body reaching such a relaxed state. And also, you’re nineteen, so there’s that.” He laughed, trying to put me at ease.
I think he could tell I was still embarrassed.
“Cam, focus on your breathing and it’ll go away. No harm done.”
And so I did. I breathed in. I breathed out. Over and over.
Rings of Lust will be available on Thursday, September 16th - pre-order your copy today!