Book Blogger Hop - Indie or Traditionally Published Books

I am joining the Book Blogger Hop at Coffee Rambiling once again!  Today's question comes from Julie @ Stepping Stones Book Reviews.

Honestly, it's not something I consider overly much - especially since I read e-books either through ARC's or Kindle Unlimited primarily, but since I've started doing author interviews, I've found that in my preferred reading genre, a large percentage of authors are self-published to maintain their creative freedom.  

I've seen good and bad things in both sides - indie authors keep control of their stories and how it's promoted, but sometimes lack the editing and story refinement that keeps me glued to the best reads.   In another instance, an author who is with a publishing company has a cover that really doesn't match the story because that's what the publisher provided... 

What I've seen from successful indie authors is that they've built a team of colleagues and supports - the best ones have figured out that alpha and beta readers and might use professional proofreading are more likely to produce work that is commercially successful.  They also work hard to build their reader community across multiple platforms of engagement.  They aren't afraid to hustle or to ask for help.  Less successful indies are the ones who hoard their stories and tend to be less accepting of constructive feedback, or fail to tap into the right market to build their fan base.

For anyone looking to break into the indie publishing world, my suggestion is to seek mentors, build community and if you want commercial success, make sure what you're writing has a commercial audience.  

Overall, I have no preference on how the book gets to me - but I do prefer to read books that have been well crafted and well edited... as a reader I don't want to be distracted by giant plot holes, inconsistencies or typos... it takes me out of the story and into my head.

What about you?  Do you read indie published books?

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