Andre by LA Witt

This is another book from my personal TBR.   I've been following the Gentlemen of the Emerald City series from the beginning and have loved the different ways each of the characters finds their HEA - but I honestly think that Andre is my new favourite guy!

From the Author:


There’s nothing quite like a night with one of the Gentlemen of the Emerald City. No strings. No complications. I’ve been burned by love, and I’m not going there again.

Unlike my teammates who fell for their Gentlemen, I know how to keep emotions from coming into play.

At least… I used to.


I used to love this job. The money doesn’t matter—just the thrill. But that thrill is gone now.

That is, until I meet Matt. And that’s before he starts looking at me like that. And booking me more often. And making my heart do things it’s not supposed to do when I’m on the clock.

How do I convince a jaded man that love is worth another try?

Andre is Book 5 of Gentlemen of the Emerald City, a sexy series centered around the high class, high-dollar Gentlemen of Seattle’s most exclusive escort service. Each book is full of snark, sass, and sweetness, and like any Emerald City client, you’re guaranteed a happy ending.

Heather's Review:

First off, I love that both Matt and Andre come into their first encounter with baggage right at the surface!  It makes the heat and connection even sweeter!  These two have been wounded in different ways, but they seem to be on the same page - or are they?

LA Witt, once again takes us on a medium angst, soul searching journey with both men.  It is beautifully written, amazingly paced and just gives you all the feels by the HEA!  I truly recommend reading all of the Gentlemen of the Emerald City books in order, but you really need to at least read Marco before you read Andre's story so that you truly understand the history his story brings, since he features heavily in that book.