Stable Hand by AE Lister (The Braided Crop Ranch #1) 5 Stars

Stable Hand is a journey into so many new worlds for Jensen Moriarty and the first steps begin when he is set up for a job at The Braided Crop Ranch by a friend... 

From the Author:

The Braided Crop Ranch is looking for stable hands. But this is no ordinary horse ranch. They cater to men with a certain interest. An interest involving harnesses, tails, and trainers.

Managed and expertly run by registered psychologist, Adam Marsland, the Ranch is a safe place for the expression of sex positive and kink positive needs and fantasies.

Jensen Moriarty is desperate for a job. He can handle horses. In fact, he’s a pro at it. Too bad the BCR doesn’t deal with real horses. But they do have “ponies”.

If Jensen can wrap his head around what the BCR actually stands for, he may have the opportunity to expand his resumé and experience something completely unexpected in the process.

~ Stable Hand is BDSM cowboy story about men who like to play pony, and the trainers who indulge them.

My Review:

I always love a good puppy or kitten play story, where one MC immerses themselves in being their chosen pet, and I've seen occasional mentions of pony play in some of the books I've read, but I never imagined a whole ranch that could be a safe space to explore the world of pony play and I have to say that I absolutely loved everything about it!

The three MC's themselves are all so incredibly loveable in their own way - the shy, quiet Noah who transforms into the amazingly proud, but still sweet Buttercup; Luke, the stubborn brat with hidden depths and Jensen, the guy who shows up expecting to shovel s*** and work with real horses!  I love how AE Lister intertwines the kink, the steam and the emotional story together and braids it into a seamless world that drew me in from the moment I started Stable Hand until I read the very last word.  

I'm glad this isn't the last book to feature the Braided Crop Ranch, because I am ready to dive into book 2, Ponyboy and waiting with bated breath for book 3!

Stable Hand is out and available from major retailers.  I received a copy of the book directly from the author to facilitate my review.