Holding On to a Hero by Bix Barrow - Dual Review

 Holding on to a Hero is a first novel by Bix Barrow and I think a pretty good way to kick off their professional writing career.

From the Author:

Three men, torn apart by danger, reunite to catch a maniac, rescue some animals and save their love

People say I’m a hero, but it only got me a screwed-up back and a head full of nightmares. Now I’m a wildlife photographer but instead of beavers my camera catches a “straight” movie star kissing a hot guy. The next thing I know they’re asking me on a date. They’re super-hot, and I’m…me. How do I trust them with my scars and my heart?

Maybe I’m crazy for quitting acting to start a rescue ranch. But my bodyguard-turned-boyfriend – cliché, I know, but you should see him without a shirt – has waited long enough for me to come out. Will’s unexpected, but Jason and I can’t resist him. We’ll show Will his scars, visible and invisible, are exactly what make him beautiful.

Will just fits with us. He fits at the ranch, he fits in our relationship, and wow, does he fit in our bed. But when someone tries to kill Cole, I’ve got to think like a bodyguard, not a boyfriend. Cole’s safety is my only priority, so we leave Will behind.

But Will’s in danger too, and the three of us have to catch a monster before we can reach for our happily ever after.

Heather's Review:

This book had a great start!  A miscommunication and a second chance meet cute put our three mcs on the path to a relationship.  The characters were well developed and I loved Will, Cole and Jason's personalities and quirks.  Where it lost something for me is that the suspense part of the book overshadowed the romance for more than half the book and I found myself wishing that someone had edited down the over 50 chapters and 3 epilogues to make the book tighter and more focused.    I personally would have loved to see just a little more focus on the relationship development and less on the wild goose chase that was the suspense element.  

If you can get your mind around the epic adventures of Will, Cole and Jason, you'll find a sweet with heat poly romance contained within the many pages of this book.  I am definitely looking forward to Bix Barrow's next visit to Bent Oak, Texas! 

Tammy's Review:

I didn’t even come close to guessing who the shooter was!

I enjoyed this book very much overall. I will say it drags a little between about 60 and 90%. There’s quite a bit of information there and sometimes it just seems to drag on.

I very much enjoyed the relationship development between Cole, Will, and Jason.  MMM books where an established couple find their third, whether they’re looking for one or not, is one of my favorite storylines.  The way the author shows how Will is a necessary part of the relationship when Cole and Jason have to go into hiding was a great addition.

The chapter where William suddenly takes charge in the bedroom with a little bit unexpected. Before that scene he seems to mostly defer to Cole and Jason.  It was a bit jarring.  I sort of expected it from Jason since Cole had described him as bossy and controlling, but suddenly Will was taking charge.

Overall, I would definitely recommend it!

MC development: 8/10 (well developed just a couple odd scenes That didn’t seem consistent with what we knew of certain characters)
Mystery: 10/10 (I definitely did not see this one coming)
Heat: 7/10 (just right, well balanced to add to the story and relationship without being smut)
Length: 7/10 (A bit too long, I feel like some of it could’ve been cut out)
Meet cute: 9/10 (Cole chasing Will away with a shotgun, Then Jason later chasing him down was pretty entertaining)
Overall: 8/10 (would recommend)

Holding on to a Hero is a 99k MMM romantic suspense filled with hurt/comfort, thirsty throupling, sibling baiting, road tripping, a cat with angst, and everyday heroes.