A Daddy's Guidance by Jamie Luther

 I have been following Jamie Luther's books since his debut novel and I have to say that A Daddy's Guidance is my new favourite!

From the Author:

I’m a mess, a literal hot mess.

I keep telling myself I'll get through this, I'll figure it out, but I never do. Push comes to shove when I'm about to be homeless because I can't seem to take care of myself. I need a Daddy to call the shots, push me to be the functional adult I know I can be, and handle me when I'm in middle space. When my older friend agrees to take on that role for me, we agree it's just temporary.
Falling in love was not part of the deal Ren made with me. When I'm back on my feet, will Daddy let me go or call me his own?

TAGS: crime lords, Ajax is a mess, Ajax can't handle adulting, Renzo just wants to take care of his sweet boy, Ajax has no idea that Daddy loves him, so much pining, seriously this is all pining, There is a Russian mobster too, but he's not all that important yet, Ajax is adorkable, Daddy Ren is so swoony-sweet, crime lords aren't THAT bad, are they?, I've decided they aren't, author says so, mobster might kidnap the sweet boy, for like five seconds, Ajax has ptsd really bad, Daddy makes it better.

My Review:

This book has everything I love in a daddy book - age gap, a semi-functional middle and hurt/comfort trope with lots of trust issues.  They even have the delusion that their arrangement is going to be temporary...  And then the cherry on top of the cake, it's set in Toronto with a mention of my favourite cottage country town of Havelock, ON...

Jamie always crafts characters with real depth and both Ajax and Renzo are no exceptions.  They both have lives outside the daddy/boy relationship and that helps bring credibility to the story.  This book is just the right length too - at 169 pages, it doesn't run on and doesn't skimp on sexy details either.  I'm sad that I was just getting the blog going in July when Jamie released his short prequel story, as a free download and now I wait patiently for it to appear elsewhere...  and even more patiently for the next book in the series - A Daddy's Reluctance which should be out in November!

A Daddy's Guidance is available for pre-order and will be available on KU beginning August 30th