C is for Comfort by Colette Davison 5 Stars (Alphabet of Desire Series)

 The third and final book in the Alphabet of Desire Series, C is for Comfort, came out today, and once again, I paused my ARC reading to nab this and find out just what Corey's tale would be!  Fortunately for me, it hasn't been too long since B is for Beg came out.

From the Author:

A single dad, a doctor, and a one-night-stand. Is there room in their lives and hearts for one another?


Stress is my middle name. I'm a single dad and a newly qualified teacher, so it’s hard to find time for myself. What I didn't expect from an adult party is a man who allows me to relax fully. What starts as a hook-up becomes so much more, but is a ready made family a step too far for Spence?


Working crazy shifts at the hospital, I don't have much time for romance. Meeting Corey, the beautiful boy who's happy to call me Daddy, changes everything. Only it’s not just his heart I have to win over but his five-year-old daughter's too. How hard can it be? 

C is for Comfort is the story of two men learning that life is about more than work and that cuddling can fix everything. It's the third of three steamy, low angst novels, which follow each of the ABC triplets as they find love. You can read Archie and Blake's stories in A is for Aftercare and B is for Beg.

My Review:

As the third book in the series, I have been waiting to see Corey and Spence's kink was and it was a favourite of mine - praise/comfort daddy kink!  This book does have an age gap, but not a huge one and is very much about the relationship between Spence and Corey with the added bonus of daddy kink as opposed to focused on the kink itself.  In books 1 and 2 we saw just how stressed Corey was and I was so glad that he found not only a way to find calm and peace but also his HEA!  

Side note: Colette Davison - this series really needs an epilogue set several years in the future - I need to know if Corey and Spence have more kids, how much Blake's career takes off and what happens when Hamish is outed as a Romance Author... pretty please?


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