B is for Beg by Colette Davison 5 Stars (Alphabet of Desire series)

Having read  A is for Aftercare, the first book in the Alphabet of Desire Series, I added B is for Beg to my TBR list immediately and the first chance I had to read it after my ARC commitments I immediately downloaded it and read it in one sitting! 

From the Author:

A photographer, a rope artist, and a model. Can three create a beautiful romance?


Apparently I'm a disaster—no steady job, brothers who have to help me manage my money, and I'm constantly late. When two very different men command me to be theirs, how do I pick? Or can I make them see I’ve enough love for both of them.


Cal, my best friend and a photographer, introduces me to Blake, a model. From there all bets are off as Blake’s attraction to both of us makes me see Cal in a whole new light. But will Cal and I be able to step beyond friendship into love when we both like being in charge?


Friends for several years, Gabe and I both like to be in control. When Blake steps in between us, my feelings are anything but rivalry. With the chance to have something amazing with these two men, I must now show Gabe with Blake’s help that friendship can lead to love.

B is for Beg is the story of three men discovering that shibari, blindfolds, sexy lingerie, and rules can change everything. It's the second of three steamy, low angst novels, which follow each of the ABC triplets as they find love. You can read Archie and Corey's stories in A is for Aftercare and C is for Comfort.

My Review:

B is for Beg was not on my schedule - it was my guilty pleasure read this weekend before diving into ARCS for next week, but it was too delicious not to share with you!  First off, if you haven't read A is for Aftercare, you need to know that starting with A is for Aftercare will round out your knowledge of the side characters in B is for Beg, and set you up for C is for Comfort (which drops Tuesday and is on as my next guilty pleasure read once I've got my work done for this week) - you need to read all three books, just sayin'.  

B is for Beg is an exploration of an unexpected triad - two friends who have never played together - dom and daddy - both intrigued by Blake, submissive and open, who doesn't want to choose between the two men who have captured his attention.  I love how the relationship develops from the combination of play and trust that comes from a BDSM relationship... add in Shibari and the push and pull of intense desire and insecurity that each man faces and you have a winning combination for B is for Beg!  When I read how Colette Davison wrote all three books in this series at the same time, it clicked just how fluidly the first two went together - they are on concurrent timelines and while you know what is coming because book 1 foreshadows some of the realities, it means you can concentrate more on the characters!  High heat, great ropework and beautiful men - what more could you want?