Throwback Thursday: Tricked At Sea by Duckie Mack

For this week's #ThrowbackThursday, we have a perfect summer read for you. Tricked at Sea is a super-cute best friends to lovers, only one bed romance.  This excerpt perfectly sets the scene for the story, so settle back, enjoy and go and pick up the book now.  Enjoy!

From the blurb:

Liam has always had a vision for what his life would be. A dream job as the town veterinarian- check. A long-term boyfriend- check. A bucket list cruise planned- check. But a bad breakup leaves him reeling.   

Trick is Liam’s opposite. He’s a free spirit, he doesn’t do relationships, and is not a fan of animals. But he and Liam have been inseparable since high school. 

When Liam decides he’s not going to let his heartbreak ruin his dream trip, he invites his best friend along for the ride. Trick agrees with one goal in mind- to get Liam laid and over his ex. 

As rebound attempts fail, maybe it’s not a random hook-up that Liam needs. What if it’s the person who’s been by his side the entire time? 

Tricked at Sea is a single POV, stand-alone novella which features a best friends to lovers, only one bed story with sexy dancing, a cozy jacuzzi, and sloth hugs.


We started dancing together again, touching and holding each other.

Our bodies gravitated closer and closer. Before long, Trick had his back to my chest again, leaning against me. Not bending over for show this time, but my hands found their way around his stomach, keeping him in place. Damn, he felt good like this. Too good. I breathed in. He smelled good too. With his head right in front of mine, I couldn't help but enjoy his scent. 

"Trick?" His name floated out of me, barely audible over the music. "Yeah, Liam?" "Is there someone else watching?" Trick's swaying movement faltered. "I…uh…haven't been looking. I've just been enjoying myself with you. Is it too much? I can stop." He took a step as if to put distance between us. I tightened my hold around his waist and leaned into him, my mouth close to his ear. "I'm enjoying it too. It's okay that it's for us and nobody else, right?" Trick let his head fall back on my shoulder and his arms wrapped over mine. "It's more than okay." 

I didn't know if this meant something or not, but I tried not to let my mind run away and just stay in the moment. Because holding Trick and experiencing him like this, I was completely content as we were right then. I pressed a kiss to his cheek as we stayed locked together. It wasn't a sexy, enticing dance as we'd done for our watcher earlier. This was something totally different. It felt more intimate.

Tricked at Sea is currently available as an audiobook, e-book and paperback, and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription