The Seduction of James Gray (Moonlight Falls Book 1) by Colette Rivera

The Seduction of James Gray is book One of the Moonlight Falls trilogy. Where magic is real and changing to the point something needs to be done to fix the past mistakes.

The Seduction of James Gray is the first book in a planned trilogy featuring romance, mystery, and a touch of magic to keep you on your toes!

From the blurb:

Mystery, temptation, and risking it all.

James Gray lives a life free of complications. Even in Moonlight Falls, a town known for supernatural activity, he stays away from the more sinister magical arts, preferring the simple work of a magical electrician.

Sebastian Storm is a man James hasn’t thought about in years until he hears Sebastian inherited the haunted house north of town. Most locals avoid the place. The eccentric Sebastian moves in and requests James’s help with electrical problems.

Storm House’s shade infestation is the first hitch in the job. The second? Sebastian. He’s doing his best to get James into bed. James doesn’t want any part of Sebastian’s games, no matter how attractive he is, but James begins to wonder if there’s more going on at the haunted property than Sebastian will admit.

Uncovering secrets will only bring trouble, but James can’t help himself. There’s something about Sebastian he can’t shake. What’s the worst that could happen if he lets himself be seduced by the mystery as well as the man?

The Seduction of James Gray is a slow-burn MM paranormal romance featuring a grumpy man with a soft heart. It is the first book in the Moonlight Falls trilogy following James and Sebastian’s story and ends in an HFN. The overarching plot continues in book two, with a full HEA and resolution to the story at the end of book three. CW can be found using the look inside feature and on the author’s website.

Molly Otto's review:

It was a promising beginning to a new trilogy from Colette Rivera. Having read The Fall of Elijah Gray was very curious of James and the beautiful protective soul that he is.

When James is asked to help out at Storm Manor, he is faced with his past crust, the reclusive Sebastian Storm. Secrets are all over the Manor that together they hope to unravel. The two have instant chemistry that once let's lose, does lead to fun and heated times. Not gonna lie. it took us a bit to get into the authors form of writing and being a third-person pov. Once I got into it, I couldn't put down until it was completed.

The book does end on a hfn with more to coming in the following books. Let us just hope some of the damage done in this installment can be fixed, as well as the damage the Storm family has left in its wake.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's review:

"He had to know if Sebastian would choose him when all this was behind them."

I totally loved this series opener! The storyline kept me guessing right along with James about the mystery of what was really going on. It was fun putting all the clues together and wondering if I was thinking in the right direction. Sebastian did not make things easy for James, but there was a very good reason why. I'll be honest, at first, I thought Sebastian may just be a jerk. But as the story progressed, I realized something definitely wasn't quite right with the way he could flip from fun and flirty to the complete opposite seemingly at random. It was no wonder James kept getting confused by the mixed signals.

Relationship wise, this one was a semi-slow burn. I didn't mind because, like I mentioned, I was pretty invested in figuring out what was going on. Why was Sebastian was so reluctant to leave his home and why had he hired James to investigate the reason for his electrical issues? This makes me laugh thinking back because electrical issues are likely the LEAST of Sebastian's pressing problems. That is not to say I wasn't thrilled when their relationship finally ventured into the steamy sort.

"You look so hot on your knees, Sebastian. So pretty. Oh fuck, I'm going to be thinking about this forever."

I felt for James when it came to him being worried that Sebastian was only with him because he thought James was his only option. It's not like visitors and friends were lining up to visit the believed to be haunted Storm House Sebastian resided in. On the other hand, I was pretty positive their connection was genuine on both their parts, even though the story is told exclusively from James POV. It was in Sebastians actions, like how he always made sure to cook for them so James had something to eat. Or how he made sure James had clothes he would feel comfortable in. These two could be very domestic and sweet.

The ending of this book would be more of a HFN than an HEA. This was expected to me as it is only the first book in a planned trilogy. A major hurdle has been jumped, but I'm afraid the mystery isn't over yet. From reading the foreboding blurb of The Cursed Sebastian Storm, it seems there are many more to come before these two can have their happily ever after.

SNik's review:

First in series (Moonlight Falls), planned trilogy. Paranormal. Slow burn. Single POV. 

An unusual request to help Sebastian Storm has magical electrician James wondering about the isolated and solitary young man, the haunted house he lives in, and why Sebastian brings out his protective instincts. The beginning of the story is a lesson in patience as James has bizarre interactions with Sebastian and doesn’t understand why Sebastian is constantly changing in his demeanor and conversational style. This mystery is slowly evolving as James is drawn to help Sebastian and finally discovers there is more to Storm house/manor than he ever anticipated. 

James definitely embodies the cinnamon roll hero, and Sebastian is a thoughtful and slightly sassy counterpoint to James’s seriousness. This was a thoroughly entertaining book, acknowledging that since it’s a trilogy James and Sebastian will learn more about each other as the series continues. Definitely looking forward to the continuation of Moonlight Falls and its unique world build.

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