The Northern Lights in His Eyes (Paint By Number) by Andrew Grey

The Northern Lights in his Eyes is a second chance romance where William is willing to follow Garvin to the ends of the earth (almost literally) and brave Alaskan winter to try to claim the HEA he's wanted for years....

From the blurb:

When Garvin Haverton lost his husband, he lost himself. Unable to bear the reminders of their love, he left his friends in Los Angeles for the remote Alaskan wilderness, cut ties with his old life, and started over.

Model William Moreau has let Garvin hide for long enough. He misses his friendship, and he has to know if the spark he felt between them could ignite the love of a lifetime. So he packs a bag, books a flight, rents a car… and almost gets himself killed in a blizzard.

When William shows up half-frozen, Garvin is furious. Unlike William, he doesn’t need to be rescued. He has a life in Alaska: new friends, a dog, a job. But he can’t kick William out into the cold, and it doesn’t take many long, cold Alaskan nights before he realizes that he may have a life, but he hasn’t moved on. He could do that with William. The chemistry between them could heat his little cabin all on its own. But William’s life is in LA, and Garvin can’t go back. Is their unlooked-for romance doomed from the start?

Heather's Review:

The Northern Lights in his Eyes combines some of my favourite things - a second chance romance, forced proximity and just a hint of danger... I really like the way William stormed into Garvin's life and made himself known.  I also like the way he tries to integrate into the Alaskan town and shows that he's in for the long haul.  Garvin has been hiding rather than healing and William shakes up his life and really gives him the chance to live a new life. 

This book was sweet, steamy and well written and just the right length to give us a well rounded story


The Northern Lights in his Eyes is currently available as an e-book and paperback