The Idiot (Carver Brothers Book 2) by Dianna Roman

Fantastic romcom. Jesse is a warmhearted naive guy. He gets into more trouble than his bff Murph keep up with. When Murph tells Jesse he is gay, things turn into multi misunderstandings.

From the The Idiot blurb:

There's no picking who you love...nor getting rid of them.

Murphy Malone loves his orchard, his mother, and his dog. Life is great until he can't stop thinking about what he's missing—someone to share it all with. When he realizes that his love for his best friend, Jesse Carver, runs deeper than the bonds of friendship, it just makes things worse. The problem—Jesse Carver is the straightest man he's ever known.

Only time and distance can ease the ache, but what do you do when your loyal best friend follows you to the gay singles cruise you fled to in an attempt to escape your feelings?

Tropes: idiots in love, awakening, friends to lovers, forced proximity

Reed Kaye's review:

Just when I needed uplifting, I read this story. It does the trick. It's a perfect romcom to raise your mood.

Jesse is completely original. Very oblivious and naive. He has grown up with his bff Murph.

Murph is trying to fill his dead father’s shoes, running the apple orchard. He feels overwhelmed but he has his bff to help ease things. Jesse and Murph are opposites with Murph watching out for Jesse. Jesse seems to fall into plenty of situations for Murph to handle.

Murph is gay and afraid of losing Jesse’s friendship. When he does tell him, it doesn’t turn out like he expects at all. Jesse doesn’t handle things well and when Murph asks for space a number of things happen. Its the cruise that is the topping on the cake. There are so many laughs picturing Jesse’s trying to fix things.

I love this story. It filled what I needed and I will use it again many times when I need uplifting.

Angel's review:

I am a big fan of the characters Dianna creates, they are always so personable and full of life. Jesse in particular is such a sunshine character, he balances out Murphy's storm clouds. While Jesse can be a bit clueless at times, and jokes about things rather than take them seriously, he's also a really great friend to Murphy. Even when he didn't fully understand what Murphy was telling him, he still tried. When Murphy kept shutting him out and pushing him away, he tried and tried again because he cares.

Murphy, as mentioned above, is more of a grumpy character. He runs his family's orchard all by himself and his best friend would rather make jokes than take things seriously. But that's not true, and we learn that throughout this story.

I thought this story was written well, I love the rom-com aspect of it, this was so much fun to read! Murphy and Jesse's back and forth added that layer of tension, it gave off that 'will they/won't they' tropes. I thought that was done well. The characters themselves were amazing. Jesse's character was so vibrant and was hilarious, he is such a sweetheart. He has the best of intentions even when it doesn't come across as he intended. I laughed while reading this story, it's so good!

This isn't an insta-love, or even an insta-lust, it takes time to get there which I really enjoyed. I liked that Dianna built up the characters and the world first, then slowly had them start realizing what they felt towards one each other. It really gave depth to the characters themselves and the storyline. For those wondering what the steam level is for this book, I would say it's a 4/5.. Once these two start fooling around it's spicy from that point on.

I will say I didn't love that the MC's had so much miscommunication between them, however, it fit for this story. Especially with how Jesse and Murphy both are with one another that felt true to the characters. And miscommunication happens, it's a part of life, and I think it was handled well in this story.

Overall a fantastic book!!

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