Spotlight Saturday: Something Unbelievable: An MM Daddy Newsletter Serial Novella


Something a little different for our second #SpotlightSaturday post.  This is a serial novella by Rory Maxwell, available free upon subscription to a newsletter.  This will be a 7 chapter serial, with chapter 3 already released so you won't have to wait too long for the thing.  So have a read of this fun excerpt and go and enjoy the whole thing. 

From the blurb:   

JAMIE CABOT thought this adulting stuff would be a lot easier. He’s got a job—well, two, really—and his very own apartment. Not needing to share a bedroom with his brothers anymore might be the best part. Life is good. So why does it feel so overwhelming? Like every time he turns around, he’s faced with another disaster that he has no idea how to fix. Luckily, his landlord is super helpful—and also super hot. If only Jamie wasn’t just as bad at flirting as he is at adulting.

CHRISTIAN HALE has always been good with his hands. After making a lifestyle change, he needed a project. Buying and renovating an outdated apartment building seemed like a great idea. In reality, he’s spending more time fixing the stuff his disaster-prone tenant breaks than he is on his to-do list. Chris would be irritated—except the boy is too damn adorable to get upset with. He’d rather give Jamie a hug and tell him not to worry—Daddy will take care of everything. But hitting on his tenant would be crossing a line, right?

Something Unbelievable is a seven chapter serial novella in the Split Rock Ranch universe being published every Friday in my newsletter. It has a disaster twink with a competence kink, a super hot Daddy who’s great at ignoring the obvious, an age gap, Daddy-kink without age play, and a few glimpses of familiar faces. It’s written as an introduction to the Split Rock Ranch series and can be read as a stand-alone.


Jamie reached his apartment door and stuck the key in the lock. As soon as he twisted it, he knew something was wrong.

“Oh, crap,” he said weakly as he stared at the stub of metal in his hand. What the fuck. The key part of the key had broken off from the grippy part and was stuck inside the lock. He tried to line the two pieces up, hoping it would still turn, but it was useless. Then, he tried to pry the broken bit out, but that only made his fingers hurt. Why, oh, why did he bite his nails so short? He grabbed the doorknob and rattled it. Maybe he could break it? He needed his boots, and if he didn’t get a move on he was going to be late.

Even though his mom was his boss at the feed store and the lateness itself wasn’t an issue, their customers would be expecting deliveries soon. Some of them were on a tight schedule and got frustrated when he was running behind.

He didn’t know what to do.

Jamie’s eyes got hot and he blinked back his frustration. A month into living by himself and he was already failing at adulting. He pulled out his phone and hesitated over who to call for help. His parents would drop everything to come fix the problem, but that would make Jamie feel like even more of a failure. His brothers would just laugh at him. None of his friends were local anymore. After another moment of hesitation, he pulled up the contact information for his landlord. Hopefully, he wouldn’t get charged for breaking the lock.


My door is broken.

Christian Hale (Landlord):
Can you send a picture?

A picture? Of the locked door? How was that going to help? Jamie heaved a sigh and just went with it. Whatever got his door open fastest. Flipping the phone camera to front facing, he put on his best pout and tried to turn the knob while taking a selfie. He sent it off and waited impatiently while the three dots appeared and disappeared. Finally, a message came through.

Christian Hale (Landlord):
You make an excellent model, but I was hoping to see what part is broken. I’m assuming it’s the lock?

Jamie read the reply and felt the mortification all the way down to his toes. Oh my god, he was an idiot. Of course his landlord meant the lock. Before he could correct his mistake, another text came through.

Christian Hale (Landlord):
Hang on. I’ll be right there.

Oh, fuck no.

Something Unbelievable is a 7 Chapter serial novella, available on subscription to the author's newsletter here