Pop Star (Famous Book 1) by Eden Finley

The mix was great and made for a fantastic read. There was action, music, funny moments, hot scenes, some romance, some humor and the guys from Mike-Bravo

From the Pop Star blurb:


What happens when the most successful boy band on the planet breaks up? How about twenty thousand fans screaming my name.

But the price of fame comes with an increased risk to my safety. I’ve been avoiding the dreaded B word for as long as I can, but after a close call with a rambunctious fan, I can’t do it anymore. It’s time to give in. I need to hire a full-time bodyguard.

And when he shows up, he not only screams badass, he’s another B word I try to stay away from: boyfriend material.


Protecting people is not what my company usually does, but the boss knows I need money, and the pop star is offering an insane amount to live with him and make sure no more crazy fans break into his house.

I’m doing it for the money and nothing else. He may be the prettiest man I’ve ever seen, and I may feel sorry for the celebrity life he’s been forced into since he was a teenager, but that doesn’t mean anything. Just because he fascinates me, that doesn’t mean I like him.

It doesn’t.

Professionalism. I’m gonna live it. Breathe it. Enforce it … Mostly.

Lesetiger's review:

I rarely read stories with pop stars, I read books with bodyguards much more often, but a book by Eden Finley is definitely a must-read for me!

Eden Finley can simply write and she manages to captivate her readers with her easy-going and very gripping and entertaining writing style. Once I started the story I was completely immersed in the life of pop star Harley Valentine and his bodyguard Brix.

Harley is a famous pop star, he loves his fans and they love him. But away from the hype, his life is pretty lonely. He has a contract with his record company that regulates many things. So he can't come out as gay, but is presented with a fiancée.

When a psycho fan breaks into his house, he hires a security firm and Brix is one of his bodyguards. Harley is sometimes a bit diva-like, but not always and I soon found him likeable. Brix, on the other hand, is rather secretive, but he won my heart the moment he met Harley for the first time. That scene was just wonderful. And with his calm and normal manner, Brix is really good for Harley and sometimes forces him to take a break or have fun.

The two spend a lot of time together and I really liked how the relationship slowly developed.
The embedded storyline around the stalker was believable and well done in my eyes and added a lot to the tension. I love it when Brix becomes the protector and I really liked the other guys in the Mike-Bravo company.

In general, I also thought the supporting characters were very well done and there were some scenes that were very serious and emotional.

Once again, this was a book that I would have liked to have read in one go if it weren't for the obligations of everyday life.

The mix was great and made for a fantastic read. There was action, music, funny moments, hot scenes, some romance, some humor and the guys from Mike-Bravo. I absolutely recommend reading this book!

Pop Star is currently available as an audiobook, e-book and paperback, and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription