NSFWednesday: Where Exorcists Cannot Lie by Kasia Bacon

One of my favourite parts of Wednesday, #NSFWednesday is back!  This week featuring a super hot excerpt from Where Exorcists Cannot Lie by Kasia Bacon, a fantasy second chance romance with forced proximity and all the snark.  Hot, hot, hot 🔥 🔥 🔥.  This is out now.

From the blurb:

Tazãr Bao, an expert Exorcist for the Guild of Magic, is about to have his world turned upside down. Yet again.   

When Tazãr enters a sanctuărium for the Mages to receive a restorative spiritual energy treatment, he is reunited with the last person he ever expected to encounter—an Alpha Demon, Inuel Morhh, the one who’d left Tazãr with a shattered heart two years prior.

Can Tazãr find the strength to trust Inuel again? Can he forgive him? Will being thrown together in a place where they can’t revert to lies help them make sense of their past and build a future?

* * *

Where Exorcists Cannot Lie is a second chance, forced proximity fantasy romance that follows a petite Exorcist Mage and an Alpha Demon with a penchant for kittens.


He climbed on the mattress and crawled towards me on all fours, his deliberate, slow movements dripping with fluid grace. He dropped his chin, letting his loose hair sweep the quilt. In his stalking, he seemed himself feline-like. Predatory and menacing. Determined. His lips parted, and I caught a glint of his elongated canines. Inuel narrowed his eyes, gazing at me as if I were prey.
I watched him back, squirming against the backrest. I drew my knees closer to my chest, trying to take up as little space as possible, waiting and already wanting.
Inuel grabbed me by the ankles and yanked me halfway down the bed.
I found myself underneath him, a strand of his hair brushing my cheeks—the softest caress coupled with a hint of pashija fragrance.
My breathing turned ragged. I became hard and aching in an instant.
Inuel secured both of my wrists in his hand and forced them over my head. He lowered his face over mine and went straight for my right ear, tongue, teeth and all.
“I love these pointy little tips. They’re shaped just like shells. Peachy under my tongue and so firm to bite on. Mm. Delicious. I could eat them up.”
Inuel’s aural fixation went hand-in-hand with my high sensitivity in that area. I intended to respond, but my thoughts faded from my mind like puddles on a sunny day, and I uttered a long moan instead.
Inuel proved rather uninterested in holding a conversation either way, judging by how he claimed my mouth with his. I loved him like this—unsparing and inexorable—dominating the kiss until I lost what few wits I had left. He had me fevered in no time, incapable of anything else than clutching onto his shoulders as though they were my anchor.
He stripped me but his trousers stayed on, unlaced and pulled lower onto his hips. The contrast between my nakedness and his semi-clothed state thrilled me all the more.
As he worked me over with his fingers, I arched upwards in search of friction—any friction—that could bring some blessed relief to my engorged cock before I went berserk. But he wouldn’t have any of that, neither allowing me to rub against his taut stomach nor rush him. I could only gape at his tattoo-covered torso, pant and whimper, splayed on my back with my open legs in the air, the epitome of wanton and indecent.
At last, Inuel buried himself in me and started sliding in and out in a perfect rhythm, ramming right into that little cluster of nerves. It sent tingles to my extremities, flashes dancing in front of my eyes.
Right away, I could tell it would be yet another speedy round for the both of us.
Inuel managed to take it up a notch by whispering, “Gods, I want to knot you, Taz. I want to give you my knot so badly.”

Where Exorcists Cannot Lie is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription