The Wolf's (Un)Lucky Fae (Fortune Favors the Fae) by Michele Notaro

Part of a multi-author series, a special coin brings two men together so they can fight for their special person in The Wolf's (Un)Lucky Fae. A glimpse of the start of a new spin-off series from Michele Notaro.

From the blurb:

Call it fate, call it luck, but when a powerful wolf shifter walks into my life, everything changes.


I’ve made some stupid decisions in my life, and one in particular keeps coming back to haunt me. When I keep running into a handsome stranger, I know I should push him away, if only to keep him safe from my mess, keep him safe from me. But something inside of me—my heart, my magic, or my soul—keeps pushing me toward him, offering to make all my secret dreams come true. And I don’t know how to stay away.


When I travel across the world to open a new business—and get away from my overbearing family—the last thing I ever expect is to find the most beautiful and alluring fae I’ve ever met. I’m drawn to him, and I’m pretty sure if he lets his guard down, he’ll admit he’s drawn to me too. All I want to do is pull Bel into my arms and protect him from whatever he’s hiding. But he’s skittish and suspicious, and I just want to prove to him that he can trust me.

Fate, and a bit of luck, brought us together, and I’m not going to let it or anything else tear us apart.

The Wolf's (Un)Lucky Fae
 is a part of the multi-author series, Fortune Favors the Fae. From spicy to sweet, zany romps to epic adventures, there’s something for everyone in this mystical series. Discover destiny and true love and follow the coin on its fickle journey to the next world and a new magical adventure.

SNik's review:

Part of a multi-author series (Fortune Favors the Fae), but can be read as a standalone. Could be more fun if the reader is familiar with the author’s Brinnswick Chronicles. Paranormal fantasy. Slow burn. Dual POV.

Bel survives and lives on the street, playing his guitar for money, in a city that discriminates against fae he doesn’t trust anyone or anything except family. Wolf shifter Remi is starting up a new location for his magical security business, and when an unusual coin brings him together with Bel there is an instant connection and Remi wonders if Bel could be his viramore (soulmate).

Bel is hesitant to believe or trust Remi and it takes time for Remi to show Bel that he doesn’t intend to hurt him or take advantage. Remi’s commitment and caring towards Bel never wavers and it is all the swoon when he is with Bel. Both men feel the pull of the viramore bond, and have some supportive characters, both family and found family on their side. A good world build with some possibility of further stories set there, this was an enjoyable read.

The Wolf's (Un)Lucky Fae
is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription