The Trouble With Trying to Hook a Harbinger, Murder Sprees and Mute Decrees #4 by Jennifer Cody

Romily and the rest of the Foxily's are back with The Trouble With Trying to Hook a Harbinger, and they have another adventure for us.

From the blurb:


Welcome back to Will-They-Won’t-They? The Engagement: The Foxily Edition. That’s the name of the show that I’m planning to pitch to a producer that’s based on my life. Will Fox ever give me a ring? Who knows! I don’t, and I don’t think Fox does either. If the rock currently sitting not-on-my-finger is any indication, we might be doomed.

In the meantime, let me introduce to you my new best friend: a cherub. (Are we surprised by this turn of events? No. I flipping love cherubs.) Akile Aristide walks into my life, declares that I’m his bestie, and then flips the world on its three way axis. What’s a Harbinger to do except announce, “Incoming!” and hope everyone’s buckled in?

The Trouble With Trying to Hook a Harbinger is a 63k MM Paranormal Romedy with a Harbinger who gets to change his title to The Chosen One, a slightly manic Reaper who’s out for a little blood, and the family that they’re building one adoption at a time.

Jacquie's Review:

Romily is just the best. Being back in his world was such a blast. There's a lot packed into this book with the Foxily's growing as Romilly adopts more members.

I can't say all who get adopted because of spoilers! Needless to say, it's done with love and consent because Romilly is big on that.

Plenty of spice between Fox and Romily, who are so in love. I adore their arc in this book and what is coming next for them.

More information on Romily after his kidnapping. He's a unique character with how he deals with his disability. Fox speaking for him, the robo voice, texting. It's all done so well. The telepathy between him and Fox works fantastically.

There's a cameo from the Sterling book, but I wouldn't say you need to have read that one to enjoy it. Most of the appearance is explained.

Such a diverse cast of characters. I'm going to need a glossary to keep them all right in my head.

A great read

Wlf_forest's review:

Romily is back! And we find out what happened to the ring! Lots of laughter and snark and violence. Romily goes out and adopts more members into the Foxily family. We also find out a little more of Romily’s background and Fox’s family. Sterling and Jethro Jones makes an appearance and so does the gargoyles. More killing overthrows the whole idea of good vs evil into chaos and brings about a whole new hierarchy of Avatars.

Loved to living in this world where a Diner just feeds you without ordering, meeting cherubs looking at overthrowing the current government without their parents finding out, finding out that ‘dead’ chaos gods are still alive and is creating trouble and of course the people behind Bellamy’s abduction.

I can’t wait to see what Jennifer brings out in the next book. I so love this series and can’t wait for the next instalment.

Molly Otto's review:

The Foxily clan is back and continues to expand their family, picking up strays along the way. The mystery of the missing ring is finally concluded, and yep, it's as chaos as you come to expect from this family. Things are yet again changing to achieve the balance of good and evil, leaving it up to the Foxily family to help. So sit back and enjoy the chaos we have come to know and love for this series.

The Trouble With Trying to Hook a Harbinger is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.