Taken by the Lord of the Nocturne Court (Dark Companions Book 1) by K.A. Merikan


A feisty human that accidentally bargained his way into being the promised companion to the soon to be lord of the Shadow realm, Luke wants nothing to do with Kyran. But Kyran vows to woo his soon to be husband, he will do anything to keep Luke by his side and rule the Nocturne Court. Taken By The Lord of The Nocturne Court is the first in the Dark Companions series.

From the Taken by the Lord of the Nocturne Court blurb:

“I am yours, and I can be your prince as well as your beast.”


I’m your typical small-town loser stuck in a dead-end job. Single, because dating is for well-adjusted human beings, not traumatized gay boys with trust issues. All I want is to leave my past behind and finally start living.

My wish comes true in the most bizarre way imaginable. One evening, a beautiful man with pointy ears and flowing dark locks appears out of nowhere. He proclaims I am to be his ‘Dark Companion’ based on some stupid deal I made in a dream. Oh, and apparently he’s an elven prince, the Lord of Shadows, Protector of the Nightmare Realm and Knight of Grief Ocean.

Which is a weird way to ask me out, but okay.

It’s a hard no from me, but this absolute psycho abducts me to his palace in a moonlit realm populated by vicious beasts and backstabbing courtiers.

If I am to ever get back home, I need to adapt, because our full moon wedding is approaching fast. I can’t allow myself to buy into his seductive kisses, poet shirts made of spider silk and bouquets of sapphire roses. They hide poison and deception. A gilded cage is still a prison.


What if I just never realized that what I need is a man with a cruel smile and a sword dipped in midnight? A man with secrets, and scars, and smoky eyes, and a past filled with darkness, and… have I mentioned he has a big d—


“Taken by the Lord of the Nocturne Court” is a standalone, scorching hot, dark gothic M/M romantasy filled with snark and dark humor, but also violence, peril, jealousy, and angst.

The book is a darkly romantic escape into the shadows where love and destiny collide. Dive into the pages to discover if a gilded cage can become a home when shared with a seductive elven prince devoted to his Dark Companion’s every wish.


Themes: abduction, enemies to lovers, size difference, fake relationship, dark humor, snark, jealousy, hurt/comfort, afraid to commit, obsessive hero, forced marriage, isekai, fantasy elven prince, gothic castle, childhood trauma, shadow magic, monsters and fantastical creatures, fish-out-of-water, secrets, portal fantasy

WARNING: This story contains scenes of violence, abduction, offensive language and morally gray characters unafraid to burn the world down for their beloved.

SNiK's Review:

Standalone. Fantasy. Forced marriage. Hurt/comfort. Dual POV. Heed content warnings.

Luke is scraping by in his small hometown in Maine, living with a mother who hates him and working a minimum wage job, with no plans to ever have anything more than hookups. So when a gorgeous elf prince shows up and demands they are to be married, Luke laughs in his face, but gets abducted to the Nightmare realm to be unwillingly wed. Kyran is dedicated to his purpose to reign over the Nocturne Court, but he realizes over time that Luke’s happiness and willingness to stay becomes just as important.

Luke doesn’t easily give in to Kyran, and their power imbalance is lightened by Kyran’s horrible upbringing and the goodness in his heart as he romances Luke. Sometimes Luke is too much of a damsel in distress, but Kyran as a cinnamon roll warrior is just swoony, and whenever they are on page together is entertaining. Quite an interesting world build, the story has action and intrigue and a ton of steamy interactions for Kyran and Luke to solidify their growing feelings.

Taken by the Lord of the Nocturne Court is currently available as an e-book, hardcover and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription