One Step Sideways (Enhanced World Security Book 1) by Victoria Sue

One Step Sideways is the all new side series to Victoria Sues Enhanced World Seirs with the Enhanced World Security. This is a ex con starting over romance.

From the blurb:

"The difference between a hero and an ordinary man is One Step Sideways"

When he was sixteen, Kane Diaz went to prison for assaulting the father who had abused him since he was small.

Nobody in the system took notice of the hundreds of scars on his body, simply the one on his face that marked him as an enhanced.

Seventeen years later on the day Kane gets released, Diesel Rawlings, head of Rawlings Security, meets him at the prison gates and offers him a job.

Danny Sullivan served with Rawlings as a medic. After being captured and tortured in a desert hell-hole, his current battles are fought behind a keyboard with only Sadie, his service dog, for company.

Danny doesn’t do well with change. Being asked to babysit an ex-con who apparently tried to kill his own father because the man tried to stop his son bullying a family dog?
Not this ranger.

Except Kane isn’t all he seems. Danny comes to realize that not only is this gruff man hiding a past worse than his own, but to understand that the greatest battle he must face is fighting his growing feelings for Kane.

Then enhanced teenagers start disappearing.

To save other boys from going through his same nightmare, Kane might have to face his own demons and go back inside the maximum-security prison he was just freed from.
And turn his back on his growing feelings for Danny.

Which means Danny also has a choice.

Does he join Kane undercover and risk his life?

Or does he stay in the shadows and risk his heart?

Molly Otto's review:

Kane has been in prison for the last 17 years for standing up for himself, and because he is enhanced, no one believes him. When he is let out, the enhanced world security offers him a play to finally belong. Danny has been through enough that now has trouble trusting anything different and doesn't hide those feelings well. On their first mission, Danny is the one to mess up and has to learn to open up or lose all that he has left. When truths are told, these two learn to move forward and help the other.

This was my first book from this author and won't be my last it kept me enthralled from start to finish. The dynamics are powerful with a sense of found family that pulls you under. This team will do anything, and I mean anything to protect the innocent from the wrongdoings of this new world. I am looking forward to reading future stories from this world.

Angel's review:

This is the first book in the Enhanced World Security series, and what a way to kick it off! As soon as I started reading I was immediately pulled into this world full of people with enhanced abilities, and a lot of injustice. Reading about what Kane went through at the hands of his father was heartbreaking, and when he got arrested no one believed him when he was the victim. I'm glad that he formed a bond with Archie and that the older man looked out for and protected Kane. Even going as far as having a plan for Kane once he got released.

That's where Kane meets Danny. Danny used to be a medic oversees but after being held captive by despicable people, he started working with computers and not leaving the safety of his home. His life was all about computers and tech until Kane walked in, everything changed the moment he met the man with walls around his heart and hurt behind his eyes.

For this being the first book in the series it didn't feel like it. What I mean by that is.. the world was written so well and has so many different places this book took place in throughout the course of the story, that it makes me feel as if this world existed prior to this book. I give Victoria a lot of credit for being able to evoke the sense of this world existing already, when in reality, this world and these particular places didn't exist until this book. All of the characters were great, some were awful human beings but they all belonged in this story, each individual helped add another element to the storyline. Each enhanced kid Kane met gave the readers more insight into what some of the different types of skills the enhanced can have, which I found to be really interesting!

I adored the relationship that slowly developed between Danny and Kane, they started off a bit like enemies to lovers, but once they talked some more they realized that they had a lot in common. They were able to bond through their trauma, and helped each other find ways to cope with the horrific things both these men went through.

I really enjoyed the aspect of the main plot where enhanced people are going missing and Kane, Danny, and their team are trying to find out who's responsible. It added a mystery element to the book and kept me engaged wondering about what was going to happen next. We got some answers to the questions Victoria had arise in this book, but we definitely didn't get the answers to everything, I'm excited to read more in this series so I can figure out who's behind the disappearances!!

I adored Kane's character, he's such a sweetheart. As soon as he found out Skye was getting transferred to a bad prison he immediately took action to try to help the kid. Even when it meant going back to the place he never wanted to see again. All in all, a really terrific start to a new series!

One Step Sideways is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription