One More Time (Time On The Ice Series Book 1) by Rory Lector

"He makes me feel...a whole lot. But he's my calm in the storm."

From the One More Time blurb:

Tyler Riley never thought he’d get the chance to leave home. In the small, coastal town of Perth, Australia, he can only dream of being the next big hockey star. But as luck would have it, opportunity knocks in the form of a prestigious hockey scholarship. Torn between his devotion to his family and his career, Tyler puts everything on the line to start over halfway across the world.

Brooding Bostonian Hunter Graves has one goal in mind: head down, focus on his career. A chance encounter with a transfer student from Australia, however, throws a wrench in his plans. Unbeknownst to him, Tyler is not only a fellow student—but his new teammate. Helmets clash on and off the ice, creating a level of tension that neither man can ignore.

Tyler dreams of a pro hockey career, but at what cost? Hunter finds himself falling for the new guy in town, but can he break down that wall he’s hidden behind all these years?

With every electrifying clash on the ice—and in the bedroom—One More Time takes readers on a rollercoaster journey of love and self-discovery. Do these two men have what it takes to prove that love can truly conquer all?

Miki J.'s review:

Get cozy...and have a box of tissues handy, you'll need them !!! Beautiful debut novel !! Loved the characters (especially loved the Aussie rep !!!) and the friends/found family. And I loved the world building/setting - this is actually a hockey story where you actually get to be immersed into the game as well .... brilliantly done !! Now, for the relationship between the MC's - yes, started out as somewhat antagonistic between them but at every "one more time", a bit of that emotional wall comes down. This story will certainly take you on an emotional ride....heart-breakingly so....and just when you think no more...there is. Does end on HEA for them ....but some bits are unresolved, which I'd imagine will pick up in 2nd book.

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