Limitless Love: A Polyamorous Charity Anthology - Various Authors

Limitless Love is an anthology that explores Polyamory in ten different forms... all amazing!

From the blurb:

Love can be defined as “a quality or feeling of strong or constant affection for and dedication to another.”

They say “love wins,” for that to be true, we must embrace all types, especially those that have been otherwise underrepresented.

Ten authors have come together to make a difference by showcasing love in all its forms is limitless.

Limitless Love is an anthology full of different polyamorous stories with proceeds going to charity in order to showcase that if you fight for the life and relationships you believe in, then love truly does win.

Featuring stories from:

Sage Abbott
Aurora Crane
Colette Davison
Abrianna Denae
E.M. Denning
Elouise East
MJ Green
J.L. Gribble
Leigh Kenzie
Michele Notaro

Heather's Review:

I was generously gifted the opportunity to devour Limitless Love and let me tell you, it pushed all my polyam buttons!  I loved reading stories from my go to poly authors - Colette Davison, E.M. Denning and Elouise East, and then discovering new to me authors like Sage Abbott , Leigh Kenzie and MJ Green and finally discovering new depths to authors I've read something from but maybe not in a while like Abrianna Denae, Aurora Crane and J.L. Gribble!

Falling On Schedule by Sage Abbott was an interesting look at a couple's first steps into a poly am relationship contrasted with another couple who live a more open poly am and swinging lifestyle - it was interesting to get into each person's head and see what they were feeling.  I also appreciated the trans rep.

Aurora Crane gave us an intriguing story where one man has had relationships with both other men, who have formed a connection and watching them explore the dynamic, clear up misconceptions and embrace their poly relationship was truly yummy!

Triple XP by Colette Davison - if you've read anything by Colette, you know that she writes delicious and insightful poly am stories and this one is no different - a couple who game together fall for the same man - a streamer who the connect with in game and out... and the added twist is Avery's love of fem lace and lingerie, pastel colours and make-up... which ups the yum factor of this story exponentially!

A Sweet Way to Love by Abrianna Denae introduces us to a poly am man who meets a primary partner and brings that man, who is struggling to find himself into his extended family in yet another different way of expressing Limitless Love - a beautiful look at the way family can be defined and re-defined.

Three's Cosy gives us forced proximity, 2x brother's best friends and a storm raging in and out of the cabin... E.M. Denning delivers another low angst, sweet and steamy story!

In another story about couples getting coupled up, What We Wished Four by Elouise East offers us the chance to watch a relationship bloom between a poly am man, his previously monogamous husband and their best friends... this was another fairly low angst and sweet story that proves being brave enough to ask can bring big rewards...

MJ Green's Not Without You was probably the story that stretched me the most - with 'mafia-like family' overtones, some dubcon, bisexual awakening and a ton of pining, this story brings 4 men together in a way that excites and challenges them.  Honestly, if it wasn't part of this anthology, I might not have read it, but I truly enjoyed watching Pauli take his lumps and come to some startling realizatons.

JL Gribble's Towards Unity was a lovely short story that brings together three men who identify differently and shows them that together as three, they can meet all of their needs -whether it's by being a side, Aromantic or just in love with your two best friends.

Leigh Kenzie's entry, Balancing Each Other was another one that I might not have read if not for the anthology - combining some dark themes and kink, this book explored the ways that relationships are balanced, inside and outside of the bedroom... and well, there might be some vengeance in the mix..

Wrapping up the Anthology we have a PNR entry from Michelle Notaro... witches, vampires and fated mates oh my... helping Killian escape his past and introducing him to their relationship as a viramore... this was fast paced and the kitten familiar was adorable too!

Overall, if you embrace the idea of poly-am lifestyles in all their forms and iterations, you'll love the Limitless Love anthology and you may be surprised at just how much you love each and every story in the book!

Angel's review: 

~Toward Unity by J.L. Gribble~
As soon as I started reading this I was immediately pulled into the story, I was completely captivated by these characters. Val, Sage, and Weston has been best friends since they were kids, they grew up together, followed each other into the air force, and now are back together after a few years apart. What I really enjoyed about this story is how it highlighted different sexualities, and it talked about topics that don't get mentioned much in romance books. For example; Weston's character is Aromantic, but still feels love for Sage and Val. Just not the same love in a typical romantic sense. He still cares for Sage and Val, he just doesn't feel, or get, the same romantic sentiments that others might feel and express. Something else that was discussed was Val's character not liking bottoming or topping. That's something that I personally haven't come across much in the books I've read. I think it's important for there to be characters like Val, and Weston, in more books because someone out there might be experiencing the same thing.

Val's character believed he couldn't be enough for Weston or Sage because he didn't enjoy bottoming and topping, and that's such a sad notion that people are led to believe. I'm glad this author highlighted that if you don't enjoy either of those things, that doesn't mean you can't have a relationship, you can, and you can make someone/s happy.

This might be a short story but it doesn't feel like one, that pace progressed smoothly. The characters were well developed and each had their own tone and personality. The relationship occurred naturally after these characters openly communicated with one another, and the ending was beautiful!

Limitless Love is currently available as an e-book and paperback