In the Dragon's Lair (Wings over Albion, Book 2) by Joy Lynn Fielding

A deeper glimpse into the hidden dragon society hierarchy and navigating financial, political and social intrigue. In The Dragon's Lair introduces Alex, a Cornish dragon with no interest in social climbing and Nate, the grandson of one of the most rich and powerful families.

From the blurb:

Nate Mortimer is hot, funny, and kissing him is like falling into the sun.  
He’s also the last man I should ever be with.

He’s smooth, wealthy, and practically dragon royalty. Me? I’m just a dragon from the Cornish countryside. Or so I like people to think.

I’m investigating the Fortescues, one of the richest, most powerful dragon families in Britain. Problem is, I’m not the only one who’s undercover. Every time I turn around, Nate’s in my way.

Can I trust him? He has his own issues with the Fortescues. Those dragons are dangerous, and his plotting could draw me into a lethal power struggle. His emotional baggage and troublesome ex? Also problematic.

And none of that helps me keep my mind—or hands—off him.

If I’m not careful, falling for the wrong dragon-shifter could cost me so much more than just my heart…

In The Dragon's Lair is an m/m paranormal romance. Book 2 in the Wings over Albion series, it can be read as a standalone.

Angel's Review:

After I finished the first book in this series, I was very curious about Nate. He seemed to care for his younger brother and wanted to support him no matter what, even when their family didn't acknowledge his existence. In this book we got to know more about who Nate is as a person, and we discover that his family treats him poorly too.

Nate and Alex's characters drew me into their story with the way they were written, I wanted to keep reading so I could continue to learn more about them. I wasn't expecting the plot to be focused on mystery and I was pleasantly surprised! As a reader we got to go on the sleuthing journey with the two MC's and as they discovered new clues, so did we. My brain was constantly trying to figure out who was guilty, or rather, whom.

I found the writing to flow smoothly, the mystery elements were described in great detail, and with each discovery it made me want to read more and more. The relationship between the two MC's was such a good slow burn. While these two definitely lusted after one another their romantic relationship developed slowly. Both men wanted to deny their feelings for one another, but love works in mysterious ways, not even dragons can fight it.

I found Alex's character really interesting! His theory about the heritage of his family's line was quite interesting! And him preferring to swim in his dragon form was something that I haven't seen much in other dragon shifter books, I found that to be a unique and creative detail. Nate's character is such a sweetheart, he's been beaten down by not just his ex but also by his family. They make it known they don't think he's good enough for anyone, which leaves him unsteady and unsure of himself. Throughout the course of this story and him being with Alex, we get to see his character grow and to see him realize his own self worth.

The background scenery was excellent as well! I enjoyed how there were so many places they visited while on their 'research trips', it kept the book interesting, and provided an excellent cover story for them wanting to escape.

Overall an excellent story to continue this series, I'm hoping that there will be another addition soon!

SNiK's Review:

Second in series (Wings over Albion), best if read in order. Paranormal. Dual POV.

Banking and finance is the Mortimer family business, and when they are hacked Nate is sent to spy on the suspected rivals, pretending he is there to research for a book. Alex’s family has been invited to socialize with the upper crust Fortescue family, but is it just a chance at refreshing the bloodlines or something more sinister and why is the Mortimer dragon snooping around as well?

When Alex and Nate meet though there is instant attraction, but both men have past hurts and secrets which over time they eventually share with each other and I really appreciated their honest communication. I really enjoyed the intrigue, the fun adventures researching Jane Austen, but especially the romance that builds between Alex and Nate which is steamy and swoony. Both Alex and Nate were likable and relatable with vulnerabilities and loyalty to their families. I may have missed it but I do wonder what the Fortescue family was trying to gain through Nate’s connection with Arthurian legend. This was a fun story and a great addition to the series, and I am looking forward to more.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's review:

After reading my first book by this author, which just so happened to be The Red Dragon of Oxford book 1 in this series, I knew that I had to get Nate's story. He's the older brother of Rufus and one of the few dragons who treated Rufus with anything other than contempt. Nate could have followed his very powerful grandfathers lead and treated his brother as less than due to the color of his scales, but he never did. In fact, he looked out for his brother and was even happy to find out that the man had found his mate, regardless of the fact that his mate was human. It showed me Nate was a good man and I wanted him to get an HEA of his own.

Unfortunately, it seems Nate has not been lucky in love in the past. And the fact that his grandfather is sending him to investigate his terrible ex boyfriend's family is not something Nate is excited for in the least. After meeting his ex Charlie, I don't blame him one bit. Charlie was completely beneath Nate in all the ways that mattered. His previous treatment of Nate during their breakup left lasting scars and I don't think anything he did will ever make up for that in my book. Thankfully, Nate has much better luck in that department once he meets Alex.

This book kind of read like a historical romance, though the setting is in the present. Dragon society is very divided where the rich socialites tend to have all the power. Nate is part of that world. Alex is not. None of that ever mattered to Nate, which I was so grateful for. We didn't need to see Nate wrestle with himself about falling in love with a "lesser" dragon. Instead, we got an insecure Nate who was terrified of scaring Alex away with his perceived neediness. And yup, that's one we can thank good ol' Charlie for.

It was fun seeing Alex and Nate sneak around trying to figure out their dragon hosts' motives. It was even more fun when they would sneak around for some sexy times. ;) The two of them together were very sweet and I really enjoyed reading Nate get his HEA with a man who saw what a diamond he was among dragons.

In The Dragon's Lair is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription