If We Survive: Inevitable Book 1 by Rianne Elizabeth


How far would you go to protect someone? A debut page turner from Rianne Elizabeth that will have you holding your breath. Kai and Eden could be great together, if they survive...

From the If We Survive: Inevitable blurb:


It’s all fun and games until someone gets abducted.
It’s me - I am someone.
Maybe if I’d fluttered my eyelashes a little harder, I’d be straddling a six-foot-two beefcake instead of sitting on a grubby mattress with a chain wrapped around my neck.
Now, I’m not against a bit of bondage, but this certainly isn’t doing it for me.
Trust me to go on the best first date of my life, only to end up in a derelict warehouse.
Note to self: Don’t online date, but if you do, make sure you end the night with a mind-blowing orgasm rather than fighting to survive.

Reed Kaye's Review:

This is a very intense dark story. Please read the warnings since this isn’t for everyone. That being stated, I love this story. I can’t believe this is the author’s initial published work.
What started out as a get to know you turns into something straight from hell. Eden’s attraction to Kai leads him to get protective and that changes his life forever.
Kai finds himself in a predicament and has no idea how to resolve it and then he finds he is faced with more than his welfare, Eden’s also.
This story flows at a pace that kept me page turning.
The main characters are so believable I feared for them.
The secondary good and bad characters added so much to the story. I had to laugh a few times, one being when Kai stated he had locked his sister in the basement. And Pete is totally infuriating. Jeremy broke my heart.
I’m more than anxious to see what comes next from this author.

SNiK's Review:

First in series (Inevitable). Suspense. Forced proximity. Hurt/comfort. Mostly single POV. Heed content warnings.

Kai and Eden have a terrific first date and are looking forward to more but the night takes a very dark turn. The story is mostly told from Kai’s perspective and it is clear he is feisty and intelligent and Eden complements Kai in that he is thoughtful but also equal to Kai’s banter and humor. The romance is quick due to the stressful situation as well as their willingness to share and be vulnerable and some of their conversations are swoony even given their situation.

For a debut book this story is complex, intense, compelling and emotional, with the characters behaving in a realistic manner when faced with horrible circumstances as they just try to survive. I appreciated that their trauma was dealt with in a long term way, there was no magic solution, and that they strove to address their personal needs as well as how to move on in their relationship together. A surprising (and terrifying) read, this story just worked for me on a bunch of different levels, the spice, the feelings, and the fact that they were committed to building something special together no matter what.

If We Survive: Inevitable is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription