Glow (Pleasure Seekers Book 3) by Kristian Parker

And then there was Scott…….
A little office intrigue brings together outgoing Scott and the slight loner Prin. Maybe in the past Scott overlooked Prin, but now that he has him in his sights he's not willing to let him go.

From the Glow blurb:

Scott Fitzgerald is looking for love. Both his flatmates have met their forever someones—when will his turn come?

Then things at work get hectic after a consignment of Pleasure Seekers’ finest toys goes missing. There’s a thief in their midst and Scott has to find out who it is.

Enter Prin Lau, the handsome IT technician who’s escaped Scott’s notice until now. When they’re thrown together, it’s not just the hunt for the villain that makes Scott’s heartrate rocket.

But Prin has fled to Brighton to escape family problems. When he decides it’s time to face them head-on once and for all, where will that leave a barely begun relationship?

With so much distraction, Scott must keep his eye on the prize—and come to understand what he’s really willing to fight for…

Nedra's review:

Kristian saved the best for last with Scott!! He has added so much to every story with his whit and humor, not to mention his expertise in the dating department. It was a pleasure meeting Prin, too! Completely different personalities joined together and complimented each other’s performance. Kind of like brains meeting humor and being able to laugh together at corny puns (which I was here for the corny!!).

I absolutely loved their chemistry right from the beginning. Their pieces just perfectly matched and balanced the entire process. Never too much yet always enough to keep the story flowing. Their quest to find true love was never easy but they were always there lying dormant in the shadows. It is so sad that Scott is leaving Pleasure Seekers, though, but it is his time. Hopefully we’ll have regular updates from the OG PS in the future!!

SNik's review:

Third in series (Pleasure Seekers), can be read as a standalone but might be more fun if read in order. POC representation. Coworkers. Dual POV.

Working in human resources has always been fun for Scott, he’s definitely a people person, but now he’s supposed to track down some missing Pleasure Seekers stock. Prin suspects one of his IT coworkers of possibly being involved in the theft, but even though he normally keeps a low profile he decides to tell Scott, and they end up working together to investigate.

Prin and Scott are slightly opposites in personality, and both have had relationships fail in the past, but there is definitely a connection and they slowly start to build something together. I appreciated their honest communication, and their steamy interactions are balanced with the beginnings of trust and affection as they spend more time getting to know each other. A fun story with two likable characters to root for that have some supportive friends, coworkers and family, and realize that finding love is worth holding onto tightly.

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