Future Love Affair by Nando Grey

Future Love Affair is the start of a new series from Nando Gray involving interstellar war between humans and aliens where sometimes you get a chance after death for revenge and love. Join Auren and Lupo in their fight to survive where the aliens you know may not be the true enemy.

From the blurb:

DOOM HAS FINALLY FOUND HUMANITY. One by one, worlds are falling silent across human space--a nameless scourge clawing at them from the shadows as it attempts to topple thousands of years of peace and prosperity...    

AUREN has always been a survivor. Growing up in the slums of Obila, he'd learned precisely one thing: trust no one. So when the enemy drop pods began to fall from the heavens, he'd done what he'd always done: survive. Except the bargain he'd had to make to do so was certain to cost him far more than his honor. When he woke up in his new body, he would have never guessed how harrowing his life was about to become. Join his nonstop battle to reclaim his humanity while he outruns an even more sinister shadow...

LUPO was betrayed. If it hadn't been for his ex, Bartie, he would have never wound up as a disembodied consciousness in the first place. He'd died three times. Years had passed. And then, at long last, another had been decanted on the resurrection ship, and Lupo finally saw a pathway toward the vengeance he demanded. Follow his heart-pounding story as he sets out on a twisted journey of redemption and retribution. Learn to love again as he comes to terms with his traumatic past. But growth isn't easy, and with more threats piling up with every passing moment, Lupo is destined for hard times ahead...

Set amidst the backdrop of galactic invasion, "Future Love Affair" is the first installment of a wild and gripping M/M Sci-Fi Romance that finds its unlikely protagonists swept away by events far bigger than themselves. Fight your way off a pirate battle cruiser, survive an alien invasion, and make new friends and terrifying enemies while you're flung across the galaxy. From holo-bike racing through the understory of a city world to avoiding orbital obliteration from an invading space fleet, you'll be swept away by a story that doesn't let up.

Fall in Love.
Get revenge.

SNiK's Review:

First in series. Science fiction. Slow burn. Dual POV. Cliffhanger.

Two men trying to survive find a second chance at life transferring their consciousnesses into synthetic bodies. But humankind is in the midst of an intergalactic war, and Auren and Lupo are seeking revenge while navigating the start of a possible relationship. With an unusual ally and all sorts of problems from their pasts, Auren and Lupo find themselves constantly on the run and fighting to survive once again.

This book has a really good sci-fi world build and engaging, flawed main characters that try to work together and find a new purpose. Plenty of action, and a lot of twists and turns, as the story builds towards the book’s cliffhanger. HFN for Auren and Lupo, although they still have some individual problems to overcome, let alone their part in the grander scale of protecting both human and alien kind from a new enemy. An entertaining read from Nando Gray.

Future Love Affair is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription